How to Build a Great Team for Your Construction Business


A business owner bears a lot of responsibility for success, but the owner is just the director of the show. There are many people who will work for your business who can, and should, bear just as much responsibility for success. These are the people who bring their attitude, education, and hands-on experience to every endeavor and make your construction business one that people want to work with.

Here are a few key team players who will play a vital role in the success of your construction business:

Strong Management

Management will direct many of the important functions of your construction business. Gain an advantage by hiring someone with an advanced degree, like a master of science in architecture or construction management. It will also net you more profits and give your construction company an edge over the competition who is hiring management teams just to save a dollar or two. You get what you pay for. Look for educated management personnel to run your construction company.

Quality Crew

You’ll likely need a crew that can do things like painting, carpentry, or electrical work, and if you’ve picked the right manager, they may already know people who can accomplish all of your project’s crew. Not everyone on a construction job site needs to be highly skilled in a particular trade, but many do. When you hire experienced employees for these skilled positions, you’re likely to get much happier customers.

Part-time Crew

Some jobs will call for a part-time crew that may only work for you on a single project. These types of workers can offer real savings to the overall budget of the project, and it’s likely that customers will be happy here as well due to the fact that they’ll save money. The part-time crew might include a crew that simply cleans up at the end of the day and keeps the work area clean.

Safety Management

Safety in construction is one of the most overlooked aspects of the job, as most construction projects involve working with heavy materials and tall buildings that call for the utmost in safety standards. Hiring a staff devoted solely to safety may sometimes be a wise decision, especially on jobs that call for highly dangerous aspects. Safety managers can oversee an entire project and then disperse, or they can be hired full-time to work on every project your business undertakes.

Accounting Teams

Not all parts of construction have to do with hands-on work. Construction accountants are experts at construction taxes and accounting services. They are there when you need someone to really help you get the most out of your tax breaks and budget. Some accountants receive advanced degrees that might focus solely on the construction business, and these are the accountants who will be gold for your business.

As you can see, there’s a lot that goes into hiring a great team for a construction business, and it can take some time and consideration before assembling a team. Using your business knowledge and prior experiences on past projects, you can assemble a terrific team for every job you have to tackle. In some areas, it’s best to look for college-educated workers, in others, you can look more at the areas of physical labor and enthusiasm for the job in general. In the end, you get a great team.


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