Building a Memorable Brand for your New Business


One of the most important parts of making your new business a success is building a memorable brand. Fail to do that and it is more than likely that your enterprise will fail to flourish as well, whether you are running a small business from home or are renting a property from which to sell goods. Continue reading for our advice on how to succeed in the brand-building side of things.

Consistency and Communication

Creating a consistent approach, both online and in person, is vital. If people are confused by the things you say conflicting with the things you do, your clients, potential and existing, may feel inclined to go elsewhere. Communication skills are so important when it comes to business. Your new business will rely on you, and any staff you may have, getting the word out there. Communication is key whether face to face, over the telephone, via emails or through the medium of social media.

First, you will need to focus on creating a website to sell your goods or services. Ensuring that it is clean, and functions well is vital. Be sure to update your website regularly to prevent information being outdated and therefore misleading. Blogging via the website is a great way to communicate any news. Using internal and external links can increase your website’s domain authority (DA); it can, in turn, also help boost how visible you are in internet searches.

Secondly, social media is another method of shouting about what you have to offer. If you are on numerous platforms, which is the ideal, you will need to be certain to have a consistent approach. Use the same profile picture for each platform and aim to have the exact same username as well, otherwise, you can confuse people.

Finally, communicating with your clients in an appropriate way is intrinsic to your business’ success. Stay calm, focused and clear while conversing, whether that is face-to-face or digitally. There are always people who aim to provoke people into confrontation. This is not what you want at all. Avoid engaging in arguments with these types, especially online when it can be witnessed by the entire world.


Marketing your business is more than just your website and social media, as mentioned previously. Advertising via newspapers and magazines is less popular. However, depending on your target market, this could still be a consideration. Look into the costs and consider whether it would be worth your while. Advertising online is a much more popular option and can be arranged specifically to hit your target audience. Marketing does not just have to be traditional advertising. In fact, other things such as providing your staff members with company shirts or giving out goodie bags with personalized items can be just as powerful.

Networking is vital when it comes to getting your new business’ name out there. You will find countless opportunities, both online and in person, for meeting fellow business owners. Collaborating with others could well open up a world of possibilities when it comes to improving your reputation and going from a beginner to an industry professional.


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