What Your Business Must Do to Keep You Safe at Work


When you’re a member of staff within either a big or small business, your employers have a duty of care to ensure that the work environment is a safe one with minimal risk of injury and harm. However, despite this legal requirement, many businesses up and down the country fail to maintain an adequate level of care, meaning that there are too many frankly unsafe work environments, and as a result, too many workplace accidents, injuries and even deaths.

If you’re a member of staff unsure who’s unsure your current place of work is doing all it can to protect you, here’s a look at some of the main things businesses need to do, to keep you safe in the workplace.

Clear Spills

The most common form of injury within the workplace is a slip or fall that results in a sprain, twisted joint or at worse a broken bone. The reason people slip at work is because an obstruction has been created that wasn’t correctly signposted or dealt with. Usually, this obstruction is a liquid spill that people slip on when walking on a smooth surface, but plenty of things can cause falls as well.

A place of work needs to warn workers of tripping or slipping hazards, and if you fall and hurt yourself without one of these warning notices around the hazard, then you might have grounds for a personal injury claim that can be managed by Brown and Crouppen.

Furthermore, a business owner should also do what they can to stop the work area from being cluttered and full of equipment, as this can make maneuvering around hard and can lead to slips and falls as well.

Keep the Noise Down

Workplaces need to ensure that the noise within the offices or production lines don’t exceed a certain amount of decibels, and if they do, timetables need to be put in place to limit people’s exposure to loud noises and earmuffs need to be provided to block some of the sound.

This is because being in an environment where there is a constant loud noise can damage the ears and the inner components of it over time, affecting people’s hearing and eventually making deafness and hearing loss more likely. If you’re worried that your place of work is too loud, try and record the number of decibels produced in the environment. If it exceeds this limit of 70 decibels, then bring it up with your boss, as they would want to be able to do something to protect you. If they don’t, then you’ve got a case for workplace mistreatment and even a personal injury claim if you suffer any damage.

Store Chemicals Away

Chemical burns can be really horrific and painful workplace injuries to deal with, and these chemicals can also cause fires that can cause great harm too. This means that for a workplace to be properly safe, chemicals need to be stored together, away from other items. This means that if your workplace is storing chemicals alongside paper towels and printer paper, then this is a violation, and is super dangerous.

Chemicals should be locked away and only be used by people trained to use them. Chaining them to their storage location will also make it harder to knock over and spill, limiting the risk of a workplace injury.


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