Clever Payment Methods Your Business Should Be Using


If 2019 is the year where you plan to start your business and take over the world with your amazing ideas, then there are a lot of things you will need to think about. Launching a business is a big task and depending on the type of venture you set out to open there will be different things you need to do to make sure you stay on track.

For any company who is selling a product or a service there will need to be payment structures in place. When someone wants to order a product or a service from you, how will you ask for payment? You’ll need to have invoices made and statements of confirmation as well as preparing the different types of payment method for everyone to use. If you are a brick and mortar business, retail or restaurant one of the best options is accepting emv payments. Today we are going to look at some payment methods you should have in your business.


The most obvious choice for a payment method has to be cash. It is the most direct and simple form of exchange and of course what most people will think of first. This will work if you are in a physical location speaking to customers face to face, but of course won’t be an option online.

Debit Cards

Everyone has a Debit card and this is a card which allows people to take money out of their current accounts and use it to pay for items. You will need to have the ability for people to pay with this type of card because it is the most common type of card and people may not be able to pay you with other methods.

Credit Cards

A credit card is another option for a lot of people and many people choose to use one instead of a debit card, thanks to shopping reward points and other benefits. If you are able to, get yourself a simple credit card phone swiper and you will open up your business to a lot more people as a result of this. Remember that the more payment methods you have the better, and the more likely you are to be able to gain sales.


One of the more popular payment services these days has to be PayPal. This little app helps you keep track of your account in a virtual wallet and you can use these login details to pay for items directly from your accounts. It is a method a lot of people use so it is well worth adding this Asan option on your website.

Apple Pay

Just like PayPal, Apple Pay is becoming more and more popular for people to use because it saves them having to bring their cards out with them in the first place. With this app you can pay on your phone and it takes seconds rather than minutes. It is a lot more convenient for many and this is why it is well worth looking into.


And lastly but not least, the humble cheque. There are still some people who use cheques regularly, and if you want to attract these people to your business you can allow this form of payment.

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