Top 10 Business Relocation Tips


The process of relocating business is not only time consuming, but can also prove to be a hectic one. Many people would rather avoid relocating and stick to the same premises than go through the hassle of looking for a new place, setting it up, and everything else that comes with it.  As with any other type of move, business relocation takes a lot of planning and budgeting. It is with a good plan and knowing what is required of you that the move can be a success. Here are a few tips and ideas on how to make office removal in NYC a breeze.

1) Start Planning for The Move

A move is not something anyone should take lightly. That said, you need to start planning and preparing for the move even before determining the D-date. For the move to be a success, you’ll need to look for an office removal company check out these NYC movers, have everything packed up, as well as notify your current landlord of the same. Other responsibilities will also start cropping up as you prepare for the move. Planning in advance, however, reduces the risk of falling short on time, or even worse, frustrations during the move.

2) Gather All Vital Resources

While a good London office removal company may help you with the move, you still need to determine what kind of vehicles and the number of men will be required to make the move possible. Some of the best removals in the city will, however, help you plan well and even determine the best vehicle to use for the same. They will also send you an open quote for the entire process – on request of course. Be sure to do your due diligence on several moving companies to determine the best one to use.

3) Finalize the Moving Date with The Removal Company

Once done looking into several moving companies and confident of the best candidate, you should then proceed to finalize the moving date with them. While many people will wait a little longer before committing, it would be wiser for you to commit early. This way, you can focus on other pressing matters and never have to worry about the move. In addition to this, committing to the relocation company also means you get the best rates, but also make reservations on time. Waiting until the last day may mean settling for any company that can accommodate you.

4) Make Backups of Data in Your Office Computers

Almost everyone today uses computers to store valuable company information and data. You wouldn’t want any of the useful data lost during the hassle and bustle of moving. The best way to prevent data loss would be to have all the computers backed up in secure storage. You could have the data backed up in external hard drives or even a cloud server for seamless access. Failure to backup data only puts you at risk of losing valuable data, which could bring processes to a halt in the new premises.

5) Start Packing

Although you could have the London removal company help with the packing, it would probably be best if you handled it yourself. This, however, means getting enough storage boxes to handle all the stuff you might have, and ensure they are all labeled accordingly to avoid confusion. If for one reason or another, the moving company is to do the packing, you then need to ensure the entire process is supervised. You or someone you trust should oversee the process to ensure everything is accounted for. You don’t want an important file shredded simply because the moving staff didn’t see its importance or relevance.

6) Inform All Employees About the Move

Be sure to let all the members of staff know of the planned move. They should also have an idea of when the move will happen to enable them to plan their time well as well. One of the benefits of getting everyone on the same page is that the employees can help pack their workstations and offices, and might also help with loading. In addition to this, you want them to show up in the new place of work, and not the old one. Most employees will be willing to help, which can make the moving process a whole lot easier.

7) Get Rid of Stuff You No Longer Use/Need

Do this when creating a checklist of everything that needs to be on the moving truck. Many are the times when we hold on to items we no longer need, which is why need to discard any unneeded things. Discarding most of these items will make the moving process easier, and could also save you some money in the process. Old computers and printers are an excellent example of things you should consider discarding or donating. Some institutions will be happy to receive those old computers and printers you no longer need.

8) Create A Floor Plan for The New Office

You will need a good plan for the new office. That said, you can start by creating/drawing a floor plan for the new premise. The floor plan will help determine where everything should go for ease of access and flow. In addition to this, planning also means you won’t waste valuable time trying to move stuff around.

9) Consider Self Storage

If moving to a smaller office, or have way too much stuff, you should then consider renting out a storage space to keep the extra items. Many office relocation companies can help you find the ideal storage space for the items. You could use the storage space before and even after the move until you have figured everything out. Simply determine the amount of space you’d need, and the experts will look for enough storage space for just that. Storage spaces come in handy, especially for those moving businesses within London.

10) Mind the Security

Moving out of one premise to another presents a whole lot of security threats that ought to be dealt with on time.  The moving company should be able to guarantee security for your office items too. You might, however, want to have locks in the new office premise changed. You never know who else has access to the building.  Having the locks changed means only you and authorized persons have access to the new office.


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