5 Businesses And Organizations That Believe In Philanthropy


There are many businesses and organizations out there that believe in philanthropy. This means they give back to the community in some way, shape, or form. In this blog post, we will discuss five of them. Each of these organizations has a unique story to tell, and they all have different ways of giving back to society. We hope you will be inspired by their stories and decide to participate in philanthropy yourself.

What Is Philanthropy?

Successful entrepreneur Sherief Moustafa says philanthropy is giving back to society, usually through donations or time. It can be done on a small scale, such as donating money to a local charity, or on a large scale, such as setting up a foundation that gives scholarships to students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Philanthropy is often seen as a way of giving back to the community that has helped you succeed.

There are many different reasons why people and organizations choose to engage in philanthropy. For some, it is a way of giving back to society for all the opportunities they have been given. For others, it is a way of helping those who are less fortunate than themselves. Whatever the reason, philanthropy is a noble act that can make a difference in the world.

Why Is Philanthropy Good For Businesses?

There are many reasons why philanthropy is suitable for businesses. Firstly, it can help to build goodwill and positive relationships with the community. Secondly, it can increase brand awareness and reputation. Thirdly, it can attract and retain employees. And fourthly, it can provide tax benefits. Giving back to the community can also have a positive impact on employees. It can make them feel proud to work for a company that is doing good in the world. And it can create a sense of loyalty and commitment amongst employees.

Below is a list of businesses and companies that believe in philanthropy.

1. Salvation Army

The first organization on our list is The Salvation Army. This Christian-based organization provides meals, shelter, and other assistance to those in need. They also have a thrift store where people can donate or purchase items at a discounted price. The Salvation Army relies heavily on donations from the public to continue its work.

2. Habitat For Humanity

Next, we have Habitat for Humanity. This organization helps to build homes for families in need. They also work to rehabilitate existing homes and provide them to families at an affordable price. Habitat for Humanity relies on donations of money and time from volunteers.

3. Doctors Without Borders

The third organization on our list is Doctors Without Borders. This group provides medical assistance to people in developing countries who do not have access to adequate healthcare. They also offer disaster relief and help to refugees. Doctors Without Borders relies on donations from the public to continue its work.

4. The Humane Society

The fourth organization we will discuss is The Humane Society. This group works to protect animals from abuse and neglect. They also work to find homes for animals that have been abandoned. The Humane Society relies on donations from the public to continue its work.

5. Make-A-Wish Foundation

Finally, we have the Make-A-Wish Foundation. This organization grant wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses. They also work to raise awareness about childhood illnesses. The Make-A-Wish Foundation relies on donations from the public to continue its work.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few businesses and organizations that believe in philanthropy. We hope you have been inspired by their stories and will decide to participate in charity yourself, like Sherief Moustafa. There are many ways to give back, so find an organization that aligns with your values and gets involved today.


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