How to Buy Office Supplies in Bulk


Offices often go through supplies very easily. Statistics say the average office uses about 10,000 sheets of paper each year. That’s about 20 reams of paper, or almost two reams every month. Buying paper to keep up with this demand can be stressful. Buying supplies in bulk, however, helps to get around this problem.

Buying in bulk is quite similar to buying goods in normal quantity, as we’ll soon see. Here are a couple of tips that can help you make the best choices when buying office supplies in bulk.

Check out prices across various platforms.

Anyone who has ever bought anything knows there’s always a better offer somewhere; you just have to find it. Besides the convenience associated with buying office supplies in bulk, there’s also the fact that you save money. One might even argue that one of the major reasons you’re shopping in bulk is to save money.

You’ll be buying wholesale, which means you can bypass all the retail price hikes, and that’s good news. But then, you can save even more when you bide your time and search on multiple platforms. Online businesses have sales all the time, and a little due diligence will get you the lowest prices available.

Choose specialists.

Because of massive online stores, you might be tempted to believe that they are the best place to get office supplies. However, that’s not necessarily true. In fact, you’re probably better off seeking out businesses that sell exclusively specialist items.

Since you’re shopping for office supplies, you should look for a store that has different kinds of lanyards. Specialists will know everything about offices, including what they need and what to stock. You’re probably better off shopping there.

Shipping fees

Shipping fees are now synonymous to online shopping. Depending on where you are, how much stuff you buy, and the services of the online store, you could avail a very fair shipping fee or get slapped with monstrous charges.

When dealing with shipping fees, you need to be savvy. You should find a supplier with low shipping costs. Some stores offer free shipping when you spend above a certain amount in their store. Since you’re buying in bulk, this is good news for you.

Also, try to compare the shipping fees across multiple websites. Because they often have different warehouse locations, they will use different resources to get your goods to you, and that means they’ll have different fees. Comparing prices can help you save big.

Seek out peak seasons.

Every savvy shopper knows there are seasons to buy specific items. For example, early in the year is the best time to shop for Christmas gifts because no one else is, and they are likely to be cheaper. The good news is that office supplies, too, have peak seasons. It’s just masked as something else.

During August, many wholesalers and retailers offer sales because students are going back to school, and they need supplies. Offices and students have a lot of supplies in common—paper, ink, and even staplers. Buying around this time can get you the best prices on these items. Plus, if you buy them in bulk, you can save even more money.


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