Buy These Products If You Are Learning Calligraphy


Calligraphy is an ancient art which was the first time introduced in the 15th century in Rome. People wrote the verses of the Bible and other religious books in this writing style. With the passing time, modern instruments replaced calligraphy, but it never lost its identity.

In the 19th century, the revival of this beautiful writing style took place with the name “modern calligraphy” because of the implementation of modern style and technique to this old writing style.

If you are also fascinated by this excellent artistic method of writing, you can also easily learn it. Calligraphy is only about simple techniques and requires very few things, including calligraphy pen.

To learn calligraphy, you can either attend workshops or read an online guide,  explaining how to do it. For learning calligraphy, you will require some primary products. If you are looking for the list of things so you should “buy these products if you are learning calligraphy.”

1) Calligraphy pen

If you desire to master the art of calligraphy, then the first and the most important thing you need is a calligraphy pen. Since the writing style of calligraphy is different from the typical writing style, so the pen used for this art is not like the usual ones.

There are many types of calligraphy pens, but if you are a beginner, you should not buy all of them. Purchasing only two pens will be sufficient for you during the initial period.

A nib is the part of the pen, which is responsible for giving the design and pattern to the writing style. The correct shape of the pen tip is essential for proper writing.  Broader pen nib gives thick lines while the thinner nib is used by the experts to write lean and elegant.

If you are a beginner, so for a start, you should buy a pen with thick nib so you can handle the writing style properly. Once you master in calligraphy, you can get the thinner nib pen to write it more gracefully.

  • Cartridge pen

Cartridge pens are the most common type of calligraphy pen which is available in every stationery store. The nibs are available in a variety of sizes you can select according to your preference. They also have a broader pen nib, making them the best choice for learners.

While using this pen you can easily change the ink at any moment since it has a  cartridge that can open from the back of the pen. Another advantage of this pen is that you don’t need a frequent refill or dip it again and again in ink. In the beginning, you can buy a good quality pen.

  • Dip tip

Dip tip pens are similar to cartridge pen because they also have nibs, available in different sizes. Although this type of calligraphy pen does not have cartridge installed in them; therefore, you will have to buy ink along with these pens. The drawback of these pens is that you have to dip them in ink repeatedly, which is time and energy-consuming.

  • Coit pen

Coit Pens does not have a split in them, hence have a broader nib. You can use this type of calligraphy pen when you want to write large letters, or their most common use is border making.

  • Bamboo pen

They are carved to give the design of the calligraphy pen and composed of bamboo wood. The nib of these pens is quite sharp.

  • Quill pen

Quill pens are the most beautiful pens, made up of ostrich or peacock feathers. It is the most ancient type of calligraphy pen and, no doubt, the most attractive one as well.

  • Felt tip pen

Felt tip pen is similar to regular ballpoint pens. They are available in two types based on the difference of their nib. This pen does not require any refill or ink. They are readily available in all the stores. They are the best choice for beginners since there is no cartridge; all you have to do is open the cap and start your work.

2) Ink

When you are using a dip tip pen for calligraphy, then you will also need to dip pen nib in ink repeatedly. Pen ink is available in different colors and bottle sizes. During your learning phase, you don’t need to buy all the colors; you can only have black ink. Once you become an expert in this writing pattern, you can purchase other ink colors as well.

3) Pen holder

There are plenty of pen holders based on their material and functionality like wood, plastic, straight, and oblique pen holders. The plastic pen holder is the most convenient easy to use and pocket-friendly option among all. For beginners, it is the best choice since the most common pens, like a ballpoint, also have a plastic holder. The oblique pen holder is slightly tilted which helps in creating a beautiful writing style.

4) Caligraphy markers

There are calligraphy markers also available in the market, which are a more convenient, cost-effective option. The thick nib of the marker will make your writing style straightforward and beautiful.

5) Pencil

In the initial phases of calligraphy writing, you cannot directly start with a pen. It is quite apparent that you will make a few mistakes, so it is better that first, you sketch with the help of a pencil. Once you set your hand on calligraphy pen, then you can directly start with it.

6) Eraser

You will also require any eraser to create initial guidelines.

7) Ruler

Sometimes when you are writing large letters, you will require a ruler for making the guideline.

8) Caligraphy book

Calligraphy is always about the right technique and tips. It is challenging to learn it without any authentic source. Therefore you should enroll in a workshop, or if you don’t have time to attend learning classes, you can buy a calligraphy book. There are plenty of calligraphy books which provides step by step guideline to the beginners.

9) Paper

You can use a calligraphy notebook if you desire to write freestyle letters. The book usually has regular pages or parchment papers. Make sure that the parchment papers work well for pens and markers because usually they easily tear by pen nib and ink spots.

In your initial period, you can use graph paper, which has lines on them. This type of paper provides you a base where you can easily learn and practice.

Calligraphy is a beautiful art that seems to be difficult, but if you will follow the correct guideline and use the right material, you will soon become a pro at it. Remember that the nib of the pen should be on point. The critical point for learning calligraphy is practice practice practice and some more practice.


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