Can You Spot a Fake?


When shopping for designer items, it can be tempting to purchase the item that is cheapest at the time of purchase. With so many places to shop for deals now, including social media sites and second-hand websites, it can be difficult to know what you are buying until it arrives. 

Keeping this in mind, would you know how to spot a fake item or indicators that an item is fake when shopping online? We have gathered information below regarding things to look for when shopping online to help you spot potential fakes. 


It is important to look carefully at the images that are used to advertise the items you are interested in buying. Many scam sellers will use stock images that have been taken from the genuine retailer’s website or from Google images. 

It is easy to spot if a seller is using a stock image as it will be on a plain background rather than an item that is being held or displayed in a real location. You can also check if a stock image is being used by searching for the item on Google and using the images tab to see if the same image is showing. 

If you find that a stock image is being used, you should consider carefully whether or not you wish to proceed with the purchase. It could be that the seller is using a stock image for a reason. However, if you are buying from a social media or second-hand site, there should be no reason for a stock image. 

If buying from one of these sites, you can ask the seller for more detailed images of the product you are buying. If the seller advises they cannot provide any further images, then we would recommend not making the purchase. 

Ask to See the Product in Person

Another way to spot fake products is to ask to see the item in person before proceeding with the purchase. If you are purchasing from an online seller and they are close enough to collect from, then viewing the item is the perfect way to spot a fake. 

You can complete an internet search for the item you are buying so you know how to spot fake Jordan 4s and look out for those inconsistencies when viewing the item in person. If you are at all dissatisfied with the item you see, then walk away from the purchase. 

Look at How Many are For Sale

Looking at how many of the same items are for sale is a good indicator of if the product is genuine. If a seller has multiples of the same items across their store or selling page, it could mean that they are getting the items for a wholesale price and so can offer a lower resale price.

You can also see if they have a good selling history if the site you use shows how many of each item has been sold. If there are 30 of an item for sale and 25 have sold with positive reviews, you may want to consider making the purchase if you are satisfied with the seller in other ways. 


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