Cancer Types and AFFF Settlements: What You Should Know


Aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF) is a firefighting chemical used to extinguish difficult fuel-based blazes. Unfortunately, the per and poly fluoro-alkyl (PFAS) compounds contained in AFFF formulations have been linked to adverse health effects over time, particularly in certain types of cancer. When AFFF seeps into groundwater, nearby communities can be exposed to drinking water contamination for years. 

In this article, we will overview specific cancers associated with AFFF chemicals and discuss details surrounding settlements from AFFF exposure lawsuits.

Cancer Types Linked to AFFF Exposure

Key cancers associated with PFAS compounds in scientific research and injury claims include:

Breast Cancer: Studies show higher rates of breast cancer, particularly among women, in communities exposed to PFAS-contaminated drinking water over long periods. 

PFAS can disrupt hormones, inflammation pathways, and cell signaling in ways that may promote breast tumor development.

Prostate Cancer: PFAS exposure correlates to increased prostate cancer risk and recurrence in men. The chemicals may encourage prostate tumor growth by altering hormonal activity and cell cycles. 

Those with occupational exposure to AFFF compounds have shown elevated prostate cancer mortality.

Testicular & Kidney Cancers: The ingestion of these chemicals also aligns with higher testicular, kidney, and bladder cancer prevalence. Researchers continue working to isolate the biological mechanisms provoking cellular changes towards malignancy. Ongoing monitoring of exposed populations provides further data.

If you or anyone you know has suffered from PFAS exposure, you can file a lawsuit against the manufacturers of AFFF foam and fight for your firefighter foam cash settlements. 

Other Health Issues Tied to PFAS Exposure

While various cancers comprise many current lawsuits and research surrounding AFFF contamination, exposure to certain PFAS compounds also aligns with other concerning health effects:

Immune System Impacts: Multiple studies connect high PFAS levels to suppressed immune system function. Effects include reduced vaccine efficacy and increased risk of infection, autoimmune disorders, and inflammation. Children face particular vulnerability to developing lifelong immunity issues.

Liver Damage: Lab research and medical exams point to potential liver toxicity resulting from elevated, bioaccumulative PFAS absorption. This may result in impaired liver enzyme and lipid activity alongside the growth of fatty liver disease. Those with pre-existing liver conditions confront even greater risk.

Reproductive Issues: Analyses note correlations between PFAS concentrations and fertility challenges, pregnancy complications, and physical development concerns in children. 

More research is underway to detail mechanisms linking PFAS to reproductive and developmental disruption.

Legal Landscape: AFFF Settlements

Litigation continues against manufacturers of AFFF agents containing toxic PFAS for hiding health risks and water contamination. Recent major legal developments include:

2021 DuPont Settlement: Chemical giant DuPont agreed to pay $670 million to settle over 3,500 lawsuits tied to PFOA water contamination and subsequent cancer cases near its West Virginia plant.

Minnesota $850M Settlement: 3M settled a case with the state of Minnesota for $850 million related to drinking water supplies polluted with PFAS compounds from 3M facilities. Parties affected can file claims from the created fund.

As per TorHoerman Law, a class action lawsuit was initiated in New York representing military personnel who were exposed to AFFF while serving. The lawsuit involves multiple companies as defendants, such as 3M, DuPont, Chemours, Tyco Fire Products, and others. 

Additional major settlements and verdicts are widely expected as further research cements the cancer links to certain PFAS chemicals and as more evidence of long-term water contamination near military and airfields, PFAS use emerges.

The tragic impacts of AFFF chemical contamination are still being uncovered across communities nationwide. As scientific data quantifying health risks mounts alongside legal verdicts holding manufacturers accountable, we slowly move toward justice and healthier waterways. 

However, monetary payouts can never undo the suffering of those facing cancers, disabilities, and loss of loved ones earlier than they should have. Our compassion stands with victims along with hopes for continued progress restricting forever chemicals and treating resulting illnesses.

For those pursuing evaluation or compensation – skilled medical and legal guidance exists to help reveal your options. Stay strong, connected, and hopeful.


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