3 Careers You Can Start From the Comfort of Your Home


Do you dream about starting your own business? With innovation and technology, you can do anything you set your mind to including starting a lucrative home-based business. If you think it is impossible, here are three rewarding careers you can start from the comfort of your home.

1) Floral Designer

Do you enjoy working with flowers or learning new design techniques? If so, a home-based floral designer might be the job for you. You can even get an iwed floral designer certification online or at local campuses that allow you to learn about the industry. In addition to learning floral design, you get to attend classes that teach you about business administration, technology, marketing and accounting, which will prepare you for a home-based floral business.

After you take your courses, you will be able to get work experience by finding a mentor, volunteering at a local nursery or interning with an event or wedding coordinator. You will also be able to provide many floral services including freelancing, filling orders for national flower sellers, designing events and weddings, offering providing in-home by-appointment-only floral design, floral prop designing, online instruction or growing products for local floral retailers.

2) Copywriter

One of the fastest growing industries is copywriting because of the many online businesses that are using websites and social media platforms to market. Content creation is also lucrative since many businesses look for online copywriters to provide this service. Using online platforms like Fiverr, Upwork or Freelancer will allow you to grow your business quicker than a 9-to-5 office gig. There are also little out-of-pocket expenses, which makes this an ideal job to do from home.

You also have an opportunity to build a web-based copywriting portfolio that is easy to share with clients. A portfolio also makes you more visible online, which makes client acquisition an easier task to achieve as a home-based writer. Having clean copy also makes you stand out as a professional copywriter to prospective clients so that you have a better chance of growing your home business. Clients will appreciate when you have copy experience that delivers results.

3) Graphic Designer

If you have an artistic talent, graphic designing or website designing are popular fields for home-based workers who have an eye for imagery and fine details. While employers will often require workers to hold a bachelor’s degree, home-based graphic designers have the luxury of taking online courses or teaching yourself the graphic design technique and business industry standards. The more skills you acquire, the more popular your home-based business will be.

It is also a highly lucrative skill to have as graphic designers provide valuable skills across a wide range of industries. From designing an event poster to a developing a website logo or a magazine advertisement, there are many companies who want freelancers to provide these services. Designing from home allows you to work when you are at your best, so no long office hours are required. You also have the freedom of gaining global clients, unlike local competitors.

Do you want to learn more about these three home-business ideas? Do you have any other ideas for a home-based business? If not, take a course and get your business going today.

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