Celery Juice – The Biggest Wellness


Eat healthily, sleep healthy should be the mantra of one’s life. Then what’s the harm in adding a glass of celery juice in your daily routine? Isn’t it feel like we just recommended a new superfood for your fresh mornings? Some might feel the same way, while some might feel slightly strange about this green vegetable. They might have just seen these in the refrigerator or over a few homemade soups, etc. But they actually don’t know that when this celery is juiced, they can be a true game-changer for your health.

This juice gracefully works wonders in the most complex situations. It is a miracle that acts as a great healing power tonic of all time. So, start the movement of drinking pure celery juice and keep yourself and your body healthy and fit.


If you think by eating celery and drinking celery juice you will get the same amount of nutrient then you are wrong. It means while making juice oi celery the fiber is removed that which makes it a more powerful source of nutrients for the person suffering from chronic diseases.

By drinking the juice one can get more nutrients than that of eating them. If you want to make your bile stronger then you need to drink celery juice. Because if you will have strong bile then only fat accumulated in your body will be broken down. Even celery juice is responsible for removing the waste from your body.


  1. We should always start our day with fresh juices. We should drink roughly sixteen ounces of celery juices every morning to make it good. Plain and fresh celery juice with no other ingredient is best for our health. We should always have breakfast after drinking celery juice because it is a medicinal drink, not a caloric one. But we should always wait for 15 minutes after drinking celery juice before consuming anything else.
  2. If we you are suffering from chronic illness or symptom you should drink 24 to 32 ounces of plain and fresh celery juices. If your busy and have a tight schedule in the morning you can drink it before or after any meal but there should a 15 to 20 minutes gap between your meal and celery juice.
  3. In the starting, you can start with small amounts such as 2 or 8 ounces if you can’t consume 16 ounces. Over time you can increase it according to your consumption. If your too sensitive, then you can also try 16 ounces of straight cucumber juice instead of now.
  4. We should always use organic celery because it much for safe and healthy then conventional but if you are using conventional celery, then be sure to wash it especially well before juicing.
  5. You can also rinse the celery and chop it in the night before sleeping so that’s it becomes ready to make juice in the morning if you want to save time or your mornings are busy.


1.      Celery Benefits Your Whole Body

Celery juice is very beneficial to your whole body. Celery juice is packed with nutrients including vitamin K, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, folate and potassium. It gives only 7 calories and less than 1-gram sugar per rib. While there is no way a cure for cancer, but celery juice contains flavonoid, which is very powerful phytonutrients with antioxidant (cancer-fighting) properties so does who are prone to cancer should consider integrating celery juice into their diet. As celery juice is natural anti-inflammatory it helps in reducing symptoms like chronic joint pain or rheumatoid arthritis.

Celery juice also improves liver function by increasing the production of enzymes.

2.      Celery Juice Improves Digestion

Celery juice helps or improves the digestive system. celery juice contains hydrochloric acid which restores function and helps in healing the gut. You should add celery juice to your diet if you have digestive issues, constipation bloating or any sort of stomach issue. Sometimes we don’t feel good or we use to feel low. this may happen if our stomach acid level is low.  celery juice can be a healthier pick-me-up than your afternoon latte. Celery juice can also be incredibly helpful for people prone to ulcers and acid reflux by increasing gastric mucus. As celery juice reducing bloating and aids the rest of your body to function at a more optimal level it can you lose weight. Celery juice also increases energy which might be just the boost you need to get your body moving.

3.      How To Drink Celery Juice

How to drink celery juice is a very important thing to consider and to think upon. If you have to be someplace early or you have an important presentation at work if not recommended to start your juice regime that day because it improves the digestive system while your body will become acclimated. Celery juice should be drink straight and pain. you can mix it with other fruits and vegetables, but it is more beneficial if you drink it plain with no other ingredient. organic celery and juice are best but if you are using conventional then you must make sure to wash the celery very thoroughly before making juice. Celery juice is best when it is fresh. Yes, it is bit timing consuming to juice on your own every morning and sometimes we also have a busy morning still try to drink it fresh or make sure the juice isn’t more than 24 hours older. You can also prepare the celery by cutting it the night before. In the worst scenarios, you can freeze it or defrost it, but it won’t be that beneficial or healthy. Celery juice is a medicinal drink, not a caloric one. But we should always wait for 15 minutes after drinking celery juice before consuming anything else. If you are having digestive issues, constipation or any sort of stomach issue you can drink celery juice. You just need to drink more. Try to drink 24 to 32 ounces.  You can have it all at one time in the morning or you can try to divide it throughout the day it’s your wish.


If you wish to make your body healthy and skin shiny then you need to do drink natural celery juice. One can make this by using the best juicer for celery that is available in the market.

Let us help you in knowing the best celery juicer for yourself so that you can prepare the natural and most beneficial drink for ourselves and our loved ones. Once you understand the benefit of drinking this delicious yet flavorful drink you will make it your habit to drink celery juice on a daily basis.


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