What Are the Benefits of Using Certified Mail Labels for My Business?

Using Certified Mail Labels

Did you know that the Postal Service delivers at least 472.1 million pieces of mail each day? The revolution of technology doesn’t mean that mail has become obsolete. If anything, many businesses still depend on the US Postal Service to send essential documents.

Given the high number of mail delivered every day, having lost mail isn’t surprising. The USPS certified mail labels are one of the best ways to ensure that your mail doesn’t get lost.

Here are some of the benefits of certified mail labels that you stand to enjoy for your business.

Proof of Mailing

If mail fails to reach a recipient, you might be accused of not sending it. The situation can cost you your reputation and, in some cases, lost clients. The certified mail label is the best way to show proof of mailing.

A certified mail from the US Postal Service provides a date and time stamp to prove you sent mail and the time. You can send a short message informing your recipient of these details. You’d be surprised by the number of times you’ll have to prove that you sent mail!
In case a customer claim that they never received a notification about a policy change, the certified mail label will be enough proof. The proof is also crucial if you’re ever caught in legal battles, especially on payment notifications.

Ensure Delivery

Using certified mail labels is the easiest way to prove that a letter or package was delivered. The USPS requires the recipient to sign the mail once it’s delivered. As such, one can’t claim that they were never notified as the signature is enough proof.

A sender also receives a delivery notice with certified mails. You’ll be aware of the date and time mail was received. The personal signature from the recipient will be an acknowledgement that they received your mail.

With other mailing services, delivery documentation isn’t part of the package. You might need to pay an extra amount to have the mail tracked until it reaches the recipient. The certified mail label option saves you from this process, which can be daunting, especially if you have other business commitments.

Certified Mail Labels Create a Sense of Urgency

If your business associates have tight schedules, your mail might go unopened for weeks. It can be frustrating, especially if you’re looking forward to their feedback on a crucial matter. Certified mail can have your mail get noticed in the utmost urgency.

Recipients have to sign to show they have received the mail. Once they get hold of the letter, they are most likely going to open and read. Certified mails create an urgency, which allows you to pass the intended information on time.

While at it, they are steps you need to take to ensure that your mail gets to the right recipient. Read this article to know the mistakes you need to avoid with certified mail. The last thing you want is to have your mail in the wrong hands!

Record Keeping

What would you do if your customer files a suit after a year claiming you never delivered as agreed? You probably misplaced the transaction documents and any receipts. Such disputes can cause you unimaginable losses for your business.

With certified mail labels, you’ll have all the documents necessary to prove you delivered as per the agreement. USPS keeps records of up to two years, which helps to track information. The records will be handy any time you need confirmation.

You might lose track of the mail, especially if you are dealing with several packages or documents. Your central role will be the maintenance of tracking numbers. With other mailing services, the USPS retains the records for only four months.

The USPS website has these records, and retrieving isn’t rocket science. However, you might want to use a third-party to get the information if the issue at hand is legal.

Increased Security and Awareness

In 2019, the US Postal Inspection Service had 2,881 cases of mail pulled out of the collection boxes illegally. Mail theft isn’t a new phenomenon regardless of the measures put in place. When sending confidential documents, the thought of mail theft can be chilling.

Business owners need to be confident that the mail they send will be secure until they get to the intended recipient. Certified mail labels give the sender enough assurance the mails won’t face any security hurdles throughout the process. This option allows you to track the mail, meaning that you will know if it fails to reach your recipient.

Certified mails can give you confidence even to send valuable items. You won’t have to worry about your package being tampered with. Certified mail providers often insure the mails, saving you from losses in case of damage or any mishaps.

Higher Priority in Delivery

Delivery of mails or packages through USPS can take up to eight days. With business documents, delays are never welcome. You can choose to use certified mails for the delivery to be in less than three days.

Certified time has a similar delivery period as a priority or first-class mail. In fact, a package or letter with the certified mail sticker will be given more priority during delivery. Therefore, it’s likely to get your mail delivered within two days if the carrier has indicated 2-3 days.

The tracking numbers ensure that you’ll get an accurate estimate of your letter’s delivery. It’s easier to create schedules and make plans based on this information. For a business owner, the surety in time is essential.

Increased Convenience on Labels

In the past, certified mail was quite inconvenient. You’d have to take time away from your company to visit the office. With limited working hours and long queues, the experience was dreadful.

Recent advancements have made certified email labels to be convenient for businesses. You can now create certified mail labels on your computer. Creating the label without having to visit the USPS is easier, especially if you have tight schedules.

This approach also leaves a record that safeguards critical information. If your experience with certified mails was draining, you need to give it another shot. Certified mails have grown in relevance for many businesses.

Delivery to Different Addresses

The use of certified mail allows you to send letters to different types of addresses. One of the most notable features is delivery to P.O. boxes or virtual post office box. Most other courier and delivery services don’t deliver mails to P.O. boxes, which is a limitation to many businesses.

The use of certified mail allows you to send letters to different types of addresses. One of the most notable features is delivery to P.O. boxes. Most other courier and delivery services don’t deliver mails to P.O. boxes, which is a limitation to many businesses.

Considering that USPS handles certified mail, the provider doesn’t have a problem when there’s a need to deliver to P.O. box addresses. Typically, a recipient will receive a notification about the mail in the P.O. box. They then have to show a notification to prove that they indeed have a certified mail.

Once recipients receive the letter, they sign as proof of delivery. With several such options, mail delivery in your business shouldn’t be a challenge. You have several channels to deliver your letters and packages, and delays shouldn’t be an excuse.


With more than $143 billion in unfunded debts and liabilities, USPS has reviewed its prices to account for these differences. Most of the shipping prices tend to be costly. Your business might feel the financial burden, especially when you’re delivering several packages.

Certified mail labels offer cost-effective services for businesses. You won’t need to have an outrageous budget for sending documents and other letters to your business partners. USPS offers an inexpensive alternative without compromising the quality of service.

If you send documents regularly, you’ll love the cost-effectiveness of certified mails. It will be a win, especially if you’re an upstart working with a limited budget.

Tracking a Mail Piece

Tracking is one of the features of certified mails that will keep you informed about your mail. USPS often has a scan of the time and date a certified mail is sent. The mail then gets another scan to record as it reaches and leaves the different post offices.

You’ll get the tracking information each hour. With other services, mail tracking will be at an additional fee. Certified mail tracks your letters or packages automatically.

Mail tracking allows you to update your business associate or client where the mail has reached and possible time of delivery. You’ll gain credibility, which is a major plus in your business.

Certified Mail Labels Have Significant Benefits for Your Business

The merits of using certified mail labels for your business are undeniable. From the convenience and added security, your business will reap significantly from this service. More importantly, your clients will feel the difference in your service delivery.

For other mailing needs, you can use the standard mail. When dealing with critical mail such as business documents, certified mail labels will give you peace of mind. You will rest easy knowing that your recipient has received the mail on time, and in a secure way.
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