Running An Essential Business? Simple Changes You Can Make to Streamline Your Company During A Crisis


The Coronavirus pandemic has caused chaos in every market across the corporate landscape, forcing many organisations to work remotely and close their premises.

Some essential businesses, such as food suppliers, healthcare providers and transport companies are allowed to remain open, but with restrictions in place to enforce social distancing and reduce the spread of the virus.

Such a challenging situation can be tough for companies, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t streamline your business to make it more efficient, both for the current crisis and the future.

To help, we’ve put together a list of the ways you can improve your essential business and keep it operating effectively during these trying times.

Optimise Your Shelf Space

If your business sells products, then you’ll need to make sure that they’re easily accessible to customers. Your warehouse team will also need easy access to products so that they can quickly get the shelves stocked with minimal mistakes. Use quality industrial storage bins to ensure that your products are easily accessible to everyone and can quickly be restocked and purchased. You can learn more about the products here from Reusable Transport Packaging to find out how you can make your business storage more effective and efficient.

Try To Work With As Few Suppliers And Service Providers As Possible

Working with various suppliers and service providers is convenient and helpful during normal business operations, but during a crisis you need to be able to quickly communicate with your suppliers. It can be a challenge to reach out to a wide variety of companies, some of which might not even be open. As such, now is the perfect time to consolidate your supplier list and work with only those trusted companies that you know you can rely on. If possible, try to hire the suppliers you trust for as many tasks and products as they’re able to provide.

Stock Rotation Is Crucial In This Situation

Thanks to stockpiling and reduced production, many essential products, including foods and medicines, are in short supply. As such, you need to make sure that your stock rotation processes are perfect so that your business doesn’t waste these precious resources. Create a basic procedure and distribute it to your team, so that they are aware of the importance of keeping the shelves stocked properly during the pandemic. Use your new industrial storage bins to make it easier for staff to view the products you have in stock and their expiry dates, so they don’t make costly and wasteful errors.

Improve Communication Channels

Many small businesses still contact all of their team members individually or rely on shared notice boards to get across important messages. However, during this challenging time, you need to be able to quickly reach out to team members and organise everything from shift cover to updates on the current situation. Explore the employee communication apps on the market currently to find one that will give you the chance to reach out to your team efficiently.


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