Cheap Alternative of Shopify


With the arrival of digital market, it’s more simple and easy for the professionals to market their skills to the wide range of customers. There are plenty of E-stores that are offering services like Shopify but it’s a costly option. You can use the cheap alternatives to Shopify and those are Sellfy, Bigcommerce, Volusion and Squarespace.

If you want to sell your digital products in an easiest way, you must consider Sellfy, one of the most amazing e-store. Here you can sell your digital products like software, videos, music and much more. It is so simple to use that you need only few minutes to start and sell. Within few minutes you step into the digital market and reach the customers in a convenient way.

The owners of small businesses got an equal opportunity to grow and excel with the help of Sellfy. It’s a cheap alternative of the expensive online stores.

The features of Sellfy:

It has amazing features that has made the creation of an online store so simple! It has provided an equal opportunity to all the digital sellers to sell their product regardless of what size their business have.

Its features are numerous and few are discussed below:

  • A person can easily add products and digital products for selling. Also, subscription products can be added to charge the customers on monthly and yearly basis.
  • You can personalize and edit your business as per your desire. You can update the logo, change the theme etc. whenever you require it.
  • Sellfy allow the seller to add his domain, let the customers buy several products at a time and it is suitable for all kind of devices including laptop, iPad, mobile phone etc.
  • Sellfy has amazing marketing functions including option of sending email to customers about the new products, discount and sales alerts etc.
  • Sellfy allows its sellers to keep the track record of the revenue generated by each product. It also helps monitoring the overall performance of the store.


The pricing of Sellfy is extremely affordable and its great opportunity for the businessmen to grow speedily. It offer three types of plans including starter, business and premium plan.

  • Starter plan costs 19$ per month and it is suitable for the start of business.
  • Business plan costs $39 per month and it has more benefits like no transaction fee, no limit to add products, discount codes etc.
  • Premium plan costs $89 per month and offers numerous benefits like personalize domain, priority in support, discount codes and much more.

Sellfy also offers 14 days services for free after signing up.

Who can be benefited from Sellfy?

All those businessmen weather own a small scale or large scale digital business can use sellfy to promote and sell their products. It’s very simple, cheap and smooth to use.

Reviews about Sellfy:

Selly reviews are positive as majority of users are highly satisfied with this tool and feels so comfortable to use it. The speed to upload the product is excellent and the tools available are vast. The customer services for the seller and the buyer is prompt.

The weaker area highlighted by the users is the payment method but it is under the consideration.

Sellfy is a must use tool for those who hesitate to step up in the market. You won’t regret to connect your customers using Sellfy because you will get a chance to grow and have a good opportunity just like others.


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