How to Choose the Right Storage Unit to Fit your Needs


There is no need to try out plenty of sizes before finding the unit that works for you, as in the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The self-storage facility has units that are suitable for storing the contents of an entire four-bedroom home or a few seasonal clothes.

It will save you time and money if you choose the correct storage unit size right from the get-go. It’s better to rent a smaller unit if it’s full than to rent a bigger one if it’s empty. Our goal is to help you pick the perfect storage space by walking you through this topic in-depth.

Decide how much storage you need.

What you plan to keep in the unit is the first thing to consider when selecting a storage service in New York City. The size of the space may need to be different if you are storing a whole room worth of boxes or just a mattress and a couch. What’s the reason? It is not as important to get a long unit for storing these smaller items, but you may need a long one to store the couch and mattress without taking up too much space.

It will be easier to narrow down your choice of a storage unit if you write down what you plan to store right away, as well as what you might want to store later. There is no need for the list to be exact; however, the more items you include, the more accurate you will be with measuring. Living in the UK? Henfield Storage provides reliable storage facilities in Brighton, London, and many other cities in the UK.

Pack and stack your products.

As you become more prepared for how your storage space will be organized, you’ll find that it’ll be much easier to determine its size. In case you intend on storing numerous different breakable items that cannot be stacked one on top of another, you should find a larger area with a wider floor plan.

Stackable containers allow you to use more of the available vertical space on your unit, so you save money from the width and length of your container.

Measuring Space with a Moving Truck.

It can be helpful to estimate how much storage you need based on the dimensions of your moving truck. There is typically one size difference between truck and unit size.

Using a moving truck of 25 feet, you can fit all your items in a 10′ x 20′. When you have a 20-foot truck, it needs to be a 10’x15′. When you have a 15-foot truck, it needs to be a 10’x10′.

Don’t be afraid to go big when in doubt.

Customers often choose too small a unit, underestimating their needs. A larger size should be inquired about. There is sometimes a small difference in price. in price. Go for a larger unit so you can reach your stuff easier and leave a path. The back of the unit can then be easily accessed if necessary.

Make sure you inspect the unit before you book.

Make sure you tour a unit equal to the one you will rent before you make your final decision. You might find it easier to see it than to try to imagine it. Mark out the dimensions of the unit outside with painter’s tape and a tape measure to get a visual idea of how much space it provides.


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