Choosing A Top Security Service In New York City


A lot of people have jobs in the security guard industry, but it can often be difficult to find a company that provides reliable and trustworthy security guards. Hiring an incompetent or dishonest worker could lead to a lot of problems for your staff and business.

A recent study found that 20% of New York City’s private employers hire security companies without doing any background checks on them. This is a scary statistic.

This kind of negligence might cost your business hundreds if not thousands during one single incident where their services are needed most. If you’re looking to replace your current security guard provider, make sure they perform background checks on the people they employ.

Below are points to keep in mind so that you can avoid making any mistakes that will cost you more money on security in the long run, as well as finding a security company that best suits the needs of your business.

What Are Your Needs?

Should your security needs require a more hands-on approach, then hiring a contracted security guard company may be the best option for you. If this is not possible, there are other options available to help meet those goals, such as utilizing surveillance cameras or adding extra patrols around certain areas at night time when safety becomes of paramount importance.

When looking into different methods of securing your property from potential threats, it’s important to first assess what level and type of protection will provide you peace of mind. It’s important to know what you need first to be able to get accurate pricing for what best suits your business.

You Need Reliability

Once you have an idea of what you’re looking for in a security company, you can then start the process of looking for a guard service that will meet your needs. Looking for a company that has a good name, years of experience, high-quality guard training, and a commitment to giving you excellent service are qualities you should look for.

If you have specific vulnerabilities, look for a company that may specialize in that. You’ll likely get specific experience for your business and much better service overall.

How Do They Train Their Guards?

There are a lot of ways to measure the quality and success of security guard service providers, but at its core, it boils down to these two questions: Who is providing training, and is that person or group qualified to do so?

When looking for reputable companies in your area, ask about what kind of guards they have.

Do they train them themselves or hire trained personnel already skilled in various fields like colleges and universities who specialize in law enforcement-related degrees?

It’s important you speak with someone before making any final decisions, so always be sure to get complete information when vetting potential guard services.

Are They Properly Licensed?

You must make sure that the security guard firm you hire is licensed by the state of New York and has appropriate insurance.

Otherwise, the security company you choose won’t be able to protect your property or your employees when it comes time for them to do so.

Your Security Should Be Flexible

A variety of options should be available to you to ensure safety and security for your business. The right company will specialize in guard services, including unarmed or armed guards with necessary technology like cameras as well as a response strategy in case something unforeseen happens.

One security guard company we’ve seen around New York City with the highest-quality ratings is Building Security Services.

Here’s more information about their company:

Building Security Services
231 West 29th Street
8th Floor, New York, NY 10001

Corporate number:
(973) 414-1111

A few other notable companies include:

  • Knight Security
  • Citadel Security


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