Cloud Computing: What It Is And How It Works


If you’ve ever used your phone to stream a movie, your tablet to send an email, or even just listened to music on your favorite music-streaming app, you’re using cloud computing. It’s the most efficient way for businesses and individuals to store their data securely while still accessing it from anywhere.

When data is put into ‘the cloud,’ it’s stored in servers across the internet rather than just one specific hard drive or computer. That means anyone with an internet connection can access that information anywhere. If you’re curious to know what cloud computing is and how it works, you can find more information over here. This article outlines both as well.

What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a term used to describe internet-based computing where data, software and information technology resources are stored off-site and accessed by users over the internet. It’s considered a technology that enables the delivery of hosted services over the internet.

Cloud computing is an online service that allows you to access your files and applications from any device. It’s fast, secure and cost-effective, offering businesses the ability to save money on IT infrastructure by shifting their data storage and computing power to an external provider.

There are three cloud service categories: Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS).

Types Of Cloud Computing Services

Each cloud computing service serves a specific purpose as you’ll find below:

  • Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS)

This provides access to servers, storage and other essential IT infrastructure components. It’s all about hardware resources provided to customers on-demand through the internet. It’s often used by companies that want to move their applications from on-premise servers to the cloud because they don’t want to deal with maintaining their hardware and software.

  • Platform As A Service (PaaS)

This gives users access to software platforms, operating systems and frameworks to develop websites or mobile applications without needing hardware or software. The PaaS also offers tools for managing data storage and security and providing programming languages for development purposes.

  • Software As A Service (SaaS)

The SaaS allows users to access web-based applications through an internet connection instead of installing them on your computer system. It’s typically used by businesses that want their employees to work from any location at any time without having any installation problems with new software versions.

Why Use Cloud Computing?

The main advantage of cloud computing is that it’s more cost-effective than traditional data centres. Because you don’t have to buy and maintain your hardware, this can save you expenses. It also offers a variety of other advantages which include:

  • Low Cost: Businesses can use cloud computing without having to buy their servers and hardware, which makes it much cheaper than traditional methods of hosting.
  • Reliability: The data is backed up and stored in multiple locations, so there’s less chance of losing your data if something goes wrong with your hardware or server.
  • Mobility: Because the information is stored on a central server, users can access it from anywhere using any device that has an internet connection.
  • Scalability: As your business grows, you don’t have to worry about buying more hardware or upgrading your system as often because it can be scaled automatically with no extra work on your part.

How Does Cloud Computing Work?

Cloud computing helps store, access, and process data delivered over the internet. It allows users to access their servers remotely, regardless of their location. It also eliminates the need for companies to purchase and maintain their hardware.

Instead of buying expensive servers, cloud computing providers give businesses access to virtual machines that they can use at any time. The machines use virtualized resources such as processing power and storage space. This way, it differs from other IT services such as outsourcing or application service providers (ASP). These virtual machines are hosted by the cloud provider’s own data centre, meaning they don’t need any physical space in your office.

Anytime you use cloud computing services, you’ll be connected through an internet connection. As long as you have an internet connection at home or work, there’ll be no problems with using the service. In essence, it works with the internet infrastructure to leverage artificial intelligence, such as automation, for optimised workflow and storage.


Cloud computing can be affordable and convenient because it reduces the need for extra equipment. You don’t need to buy or maintain expensive servers yourself. It also makes it easier for multiple users to work together on projects as all their files are stored in the same place.

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