8 Companies that Control the World of Automation


Automation is the modern word for automatic control, which involves the use of different control systems to control any machine to complete a particular process.

The main benefits of automation are reducing labor numbers, increasing the accuracy and quality of systems, and increasing productivity.

Automation has now spread in many industries such as aircraft, computers, and machines. It facilitates many tasks, as robots can be relied on in dangerous situations where people cannot be present.

Many companies nowadays provide automation services, here are some of them:

1- Schneider Electric

A French company specializing in energy management and automation systems, founded 180 years ago, is a supplier of computer components from screws to complex robots, with approximately 160,000 employees. It manufactures the Altivar 61 drive. It recently had revenues of $20 billion.

2- Omron Automation

Founded 80 years ago, this Japanese company is primarily engaged in the manufacture and sale of automated equipment and systems and is one of the first manufacturers of ATMs.

3- Yokogawa Electric

This Japanese company is engaged in electrical software and devices, as well as measurement and control systems and information technology. Among its products are flow meters, oxygen analyzers and meters, and automated control systems. It employs 20,000 employees.

 4- Mitsubishi Electric

It is a Japanese multinational electrical and electronic equipment manufacturer, founded in 1921, that is known for producing the largest number of photovoltaic panels, and supplies its products to many other automation companies, ranging from televisions to combat aircraft.

5- Honeywell Process Solutions

An American company that produces a variety of consumer and commercial goods and provides services in the field of aerospace engineering, with customers ranging from small private sector companies to government companies. It employs 125,000 workers worldwide.

6- Rockwell Automation

It is an American company working in the field of industrial automation, software, and architecture. The company is headquartered in Milwaukee and has offices in more than 80 countries around the world. Its revenues last year amounted to about $6 billion. It employs more than 22,000 employees.

7- Emerson Process Management

is an American multinational company primarily focused on electrical equipment, operating in the industrial, commercial, and consumer markets.

The company was founded around 120 years ago and spreads over 205 different locations around the world, and employs more than 111,000 people. It has global revenues of $22 billion.

8- Siemens

Headquartered in Munich and Berlin, this German company is the largest engineering company in Europe. The company’s main activities include energy, infrastructure, automotive, and industry, and most of the company’s profits come from automation systems.

It is one of the oldest and most reliable companies, with more than 350,000 employees. It is the best automation company in the world.

Beside the companies mentioned above, here is a list of additional International companies that work in the field of automation:

  1. Baker Hughes    $1,336
  2. National Instruments    $1,287
  3. TechnipFMC $1,286
  4. Roper Technologies    $1,254
  5. Fanuc     $1,233
  6. Mettler-Toledo $1,225
  7. Wika $1,170
  8. IFM $1,142
  9. Wago $1,120
  10. Teledyne Instruments    $1,095
  11. Aveva $1,058
  12. Flowserve $1,058
  13. Yaskawa $1,052
  14. Belden $1,047
  15. Beckhoff $1,031
  16. Thermo Fisher Scientific $947
  17. Weidmuller $904
  18. Harting  $866
  19. Azbil Group (Yamatake)$856
  20. Lenze $836
  21. Hitachi $810
  22. Eaton $759
  23. Fuji Electric $758
  24. Turck $751
  25. Bosch Rexroth $745
  26. Pepperl+Fuchs $742
  27. Samson $689
  28. Horiba $658
  29. Neles (Metso)$657
  30. Krohne $638
  31. Ortive    $2,168
  32. Ametek EIG $1,483
  33. MKS Instruments $1,059
  34. Teledyne Instruments     $788
  35. Belden $607
  36. IMI $588
  37. Roper Technologies $549
  38. Spectris $534
  39. Advantech $513
  40. National Instruments    $492
  41. Festo $486
  42. Thermo Fisher Scientific $478
  43. Mettler-Toledo $474
  44. Wika $468
  45. Flowserve $430
  46. Baker Hughes $408
  47. Endress+Hauser $392
  48. TechnipFMC     $386
  49. Aveva    $342


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