5 Company Merchandise Ideas Your Customer Will Find Useful


One of the best ways to market your business is through free branded merchandise. When your customers receive something they use and enjoy, they will more likely continue doing business with your company.

However, you must know the suitable merchandise to provide your customers to increase their level of loyalty toward your brand. This strategy will increase your consumers’ interest in your brand as you make them feel special. In addition, if you give something valuable to them, they’re likely to remember your company as they use the products.

With that, you must learn about these five business merchandise ideas that your target market will find valuable:

1) Branded Coasters

Branded coasters represent a low cost branded merchandise option that can be sent out in bulk, and that customers and employees will find useful. Coasters tend to be a usable item, which means people are always looking for new coasters, and is one of the reasons charity organizations tend to favour them in postal drops. You can add your company logo and colours to the coasters to ensure your brand is always at the front of your client’s mind.

When choosing company merchandise coasters, think about the purpose for which your customers will use them. Some people may want something that can be used as a drink holder, while others might want something that can double as an accessory for their home or office desk. Then, you can add your company logo and colors to the coasters to ensure your brand is always at the front of your client’s mind.

2) Personalized Items

Customers love receiving personalized items as gifts or souvenirs from their favorite places. Your business might have something unique that would make great merchandise, especially if it’s something your audience wants or needs. For example, if you’re an entrepreneur offering catering services at parties and events, consider selling mugs with your company’s logo as part of your catering package deal.

If you consider personalized items, think about who will be wearing or using them. In addition, you may want to assess whether these people have any allergies that need to be considered. If they do, look for ways to accommodate them in your designs.

3) Clothing And Accessories

Clothing and accessories are a popular merchandise option because they’re valuable and easy to carry. In addition, someone who’s wearing a piece of clothing with your brand on it can help with your business’ advertisement.

If you choose promotional products like clothing and accessories, ensure that their design is eye-catching and aligned with your company’s brand image. Select a color scheme that matches your brand identity and use a font style that best represents your business. Aside from this, ensure a clear connection between the product and what it stands for and how it can benefit consumers.

4) Food Products

Food products like cookbooks or gourmet-flavored salts are great ways to add extra value to your store (and give people something nice to eat) without breaking the bank. If you sell food items, consider offering gift baskets that include different food items, along with other fun things like wine glasses or cookbook holders. Doing so lets consumers test and enjoy your goods and encourages them to purchase their own.

You don’t want to give out something that will go straight into the trash can. So, before giving away food products, you must always look at the expiration date. Also, you might want to check with the manufacturer if the relevant authorities approve these food products. Before your customers eat them, advise them to consult their doctor first for their own safety.

5) Style Guides

Customers who love your brand may want to dress similarly. They may even want to look like you, so a style guide can be an excellent idea for merchandise. This promotional item can be a book, a video, or an interactive customer experience. This strategy aims to offer customers a way to express themselves through your company’s clothing and accessories.

When considering style guides, you must know what your customers want by getting their input through e-mail surveys. Next, keep the merchandise simple to ensure that it’s easy to remember and easier to use than complicated ones. You can use a tool that makes free templates and allows you to create custom graphics that fit your branding guidelines.

Key Takeaway

The best way to get your target customers interested in your business is by giving them something they can use for a long time. Therefore, you must give them any of these five valuable company merchandise items. Once you do so, you can gain more leads and increase sales by retaining customers’ trust in your brand.


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