Complete Guide To Choose an Amazon Freight Forwarder


As a seller, your popularity is everything, something to which your clients will testify. You have a terrific product, your customer support is impeccable – so you can’t allow anything that affects your reputation, which can be ruined through your selected freight forwarder.

Your freight forwarding organization must have the ability to attend to the complete logistical method of transportation for your business, leaving you to pay attention only to the imparting of your unique goods and products.

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Benefits Of having a Freight Forwarder

Let’s see some of the benefits of having a reliable freight forwarder:-


  • Managing Complaints

Most complaints about items purchased online are those that arrive late or never arrive, and even items arriving damaged, requiring returns and refunds. You can save a lot of time and money with a reliable and professional freight company.

A suitable freight carrier will fulfill your contract and ship the goods efficiently. A suitable freighter will take your business one step further. As your business grows, you’ll be becoming more and more dependent on Amazon freight companies to manage various complaints and return procedures.

  • Regulations and Paper works

Freight carriers will also have experience in several complex areas of accurate classification, filing of government and customs documents, and international transportation, including bonds. They can also advise on country-specific regulations to prevent your goods from being seized by customs authorities.

  • Reducing the Chances Of Penalties

Amazon’s freight forwarders can help you overcome the complexity of exporting and shipping. Still, it’s good to know that, in the end, it is the exporter or importer of the product that will be responsible for any license certificates or approvals required for the shipment.

Don’t sacrifice your reputation with rookie mistakes that can be catastrophic to you and your business, as punishment can be pretty strict depending on the shipping country.

Freighting is an increasingly competitive market, and some malicious companies hope to  “scientifically blind you” on the assumption that customers are unfamiliar with the industry.

Following your checklist should be your primary objective, if a company is unable to fulfill your demands or requirements, it is time to seek some other company.

Necessary Things You Should Know Before Diving In

  • Air Shipping Or Sea Shipping

Various freight companies offer the option of whether to deliver goods by route or by sea shipping. Sea is usually more cost-effective, but you should inform your customers of the long waiting times for your products as shipping by sea can take much longer. Also, the paperwork currently required for sea freight takes much longer than air freight.

  • Knowledge About the Expenses

Many freight companies attract new customers through special offers, gift registrations, and limited-time discounts. These great incentives, which may sound brilliant, may hide the bulging general price structure that will come into play once the initial offer is exhausted, so you should know the actual cost before registration.

  • Additional Expenses

Sellers often choose forwarders based on the home page of their website and reasonable prices. Once you start a transaction, you must consider multiple additional costs such as taxes, weight collection, and customs duties.

These additional costs can be significant and, in some cases, up to double the price expected. Therefore, you should always read all the small printed details before booking any shipment.

  • Verification of the Company

The first step in working with a company is to ensure that the company is a legal entity and has proper transparency. Searching Google for all the information online is easy, but sometimes you can’t find all the required information you need.

In that case, when you receive a complete verification report that includes all of your company’s background information, you can use various company screening tools available online to verify that the company you are trading with is legally registered.

Amazon’s Terms and Conditions

You have to follow some of the terms and conditions, to proceed with freighting forwarding goods at Amazon.

  • If any defect or damage occurs to your cargo, amazon will not be responsible for that.
  • You will be held responsible for any lost items after you or your freight carrier has received them. Items that arrive in a damaged condition can be rejected at the time of shipment, and the page can be instructed to do the same.
  • Any of the export documents( invoices, export declaration, etc.) should not contain the name of Amazon.
  • You can’t ship your cargo without any written Authorization from Amazon.

What is NVOCC?

(NVOCC), stands for Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier. This is basically a freight forwarding company that does not own its transportation fleet , but instead relies on the services of commercial or industrial carriers.

They are similar to freight forwarding companies, but have the power to issue bills of lading, which tend to have more competitive sea freight rates. The key difference between freight forwarder and NVOCC is that the freight forwarder acts as a broker or agent, whereas in NVOCC the goods are physically transported.

What are Independent Freight Forwarders?

The independent freight forwarding company, or IFF, is a company that is not a part of Global 25 Freight Forwarders. Instead of having offices and headquarters in multiple locations, each country and location uses different agents. These agents are perfect for knowing the various regulations related to the location of the land.


After doing some research, you might gather a list of 2 or 3 providers offering both the service and price you are looking for. In this case, it’s worth joining the Amazon seller Facebook group or forum, where you can gain information from other people’s experiences with various freight forwarders.

Join a few groups to get a broad perspective of the situation. A simple online search can quickly remove certain companies from the list, as they usually only highlight companies offering substandard services.


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