Choosing a Conference Call Service: A Business Guide


When you run a global business, you need the best in conference call services. Read this guide to choosing the best conference call service for your business.

In 2019, we can communicate with colleagues, coworkers, employees, superiors, and clients anywhere in the world at lightning speed.

Remote work is not only popular, but necessary. In fact, it can even save a business thousands of dollars a year. For example, companies with telework policies experience 63% less absenteeism.

The rapid spread of globalization means there’s more choice than ever before. It’s difficult to determine the best conference call service from the rest.

To find out which service is right for your company, check out the guide below.

Finding the Best Conference Call Service

There are tons of conference call services out there offering varying features. Some services offer a free conference call, some allow large groups, and some integrate with other types of software.

To find out which one is right for you, consider these options.

How Secure Is It?

Data theft is a huge risk that all companies inevitably face. However, there are ways to minimize this risk. Making sure you pick a conference call service that is secure and private is one of them.

It’s easy for hackers to find their way into secure conference calls. It’s essential to ask qualified professionals at various conference call companies what they are doing to prevent this from happening.

Look for High Quality

Quality is not something you want to skimp out on. The quality of your conference call will affect the efficacy of that conference call. It has the potential to make or ruin the entire meeting.

If you often conduct high stakes conference calls, especially with clients, you want the best quality money can buy. Ask potential services for a free trial before committing to any. This will allow you time to thoroughly test the service.

Is It Accessible?

If your company has an international reach, you need your conference call service to have an international reach. The connection should not be compromised by distance.

You can ask each service how they maintain a strong connection, but the best way to test this is with a free trial. Test calls locally and overseas.

As you test the connection, don’t forget to explore the service. How easy is it to use? Consider how your less technologically inclined employees will work with it.

What Other Features Are Offered?

If you are tech savvy, look into the additional features a conference call service may offer.

For example, some services may offer recording tools for your calls. This is an important tool that can benefit any company, and is standard.

A more elaborate tool might be a service that links up with other software to easily schedule calls across the company.

Other Telework Tools

Choosing the best conference call service involves some due diligence. If you are using this service to discuss sensitive business matters, choose a service with excellent security and privacy options.

For other telework tools improve your business, don’t forget to stop by our page.

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