Construction Certifications to Enhance Blue-Collar Career at Any Stage


To work in the construction industry, you really don’t know a certification. You can start as an apprentice, polish your skills, and obtain experience down the road. However, it’s essential to know that getting a construction certification can make you more valuable in the industry. You may be approached by a potential employer for a better opportunity or you may get a raise/promotion by your current employer.

Your interests and career will determine what kind of certification will improve your skills. For example, if you work in a silica-related industry, enrolling in silica awareness training online will be your best bet.

This article will jot down various construction certifications to enhance your blue-collar career at any stage. Let’s dive right into it!

1) OSHA Training

Most states may require you to get OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) training to start working in the construction industry. You basically get a 10 or 30-hour training card from the department of labor.

This training course tells you how to remain safe in the workplace and not be a danger to others. The 10-hour training card is a more basic course whereas the 30-hour card provides training on other extensive topics.

2) First Aid Training

There’s always a risk of injury on the construction sites, and you need to be well-trained in first-aid to make sure you or your colleague can manage the injury until professional help arrives.

The first-aid training course will prepare you for CPR, cover burn response, scene assessment, basic risk reduction, choking, job hazards, etc.

3) ACI Certification

The American Concrete Institute (ACI) offers 30 various certifications on almost everything related to concrete.

As most national and international companies need a certified professional who can put their expertise to use related to concrete, you will be able to prepare for a test and get certified with this certification.

The best thing about this certification is that you don’t have to take the test frequently, as it is recognized globally.

4) Crane Operation Certification

This equipment-specific certification is offered by a non-profit organization, the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO).

Since there are a wide variety of cranes, this certification prepares you to use a specific type of crane in the safest and most effective way possible to protect the company’s investments and make sure the workers around are safe.

If you are crane operation certified, you will be allowed to operate a certain kind of crane by the organization.

5) Certified Construction Manager (CCM)

Most workers who want to earn a higher income and get a promotion can get this construction management certification, which is issued by the Construction Management Association of America (CMAA).

Earning this certification means that your industry knowledge is up to date and you can plan and design construction, ensure safety, and manage the project effectively.

Of course, you need to fulfill the requisites for this kind of certification, such as an educational degree or a certain number of experience in construction management.


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