Five Questions to Ask Before Buying Construction Project Management Software


The United States is the second-largest construction market worldwide. There are more than 700,000 construction companies in the US. According to a report by Big Rentz, only 57% of the construction companies invest in construction project management software. Also, about 38.2% of these construction companies lack IT staff, which poses as a limiting factor in adopting new technology.

In today’s fast-growing world, you cannot hold back yourself in adopting technological trends. The construction companies involve themselves in promoting their projects on social media but do not know how to manage the customers efficiently.

Project management software helps streamline all the site activities, vendor management, and expansion of the business. To get a clear idea of how the software helps in construction project management, you must ask the vendor questions.

Are the On-site Services Included?

It is not easy to implement construction project management software without proper guidance on-site. You may experience a rough transition without assistance. Additionally, the software vendor must provide on-site training to the staff. If they do not offer training, then it is not worth investing in the software solution.

Ask whether you will get a dedicated consultant during the implementation process to help you with the hands-on experience. Some software consultants replicate the business data and upload it to the system. It allows you to simulate real-life scenarios that your business encounters daily. It will help if you also ask for a dedicated support expert for the initial two/three months after going live.

Can you Upload Updates of the Progress?

If you hire a reputable software consultant, you can easily update your progress and share them with the contractors, vendors, and customers.

The software helps you to take photos on job-site and to upload them on your contracts & proposals. It becomes convenient to track the progress and to rectify the issues on-site immediately.

Is Software Scalable?

Scalability refers to the software’s ability to scale up operations as your business expands. It is necessary to implement a software solution that will help you with the daily on-site and in-house operations when your business grows.

Some of the important scalability factors include customization capabilities, connectivity to your database, and managing the customer’s requests/queries.

Can You Build Estimates with Software’s Assistance?

The construction projects require a lot of on-field presence. You have to be present on the job-site to track the progress and understand if there is any raw material requirement. But when you complete one project and sell the properties, you may start receiving many queries and requests.

But if you have a construction project management software handy, you will be able to build the estimates and share it with potential clients. Most of the software solutions are mobile-friendly, so deriving the estimates while on the go is possible. You need not individually visit the office and calculate the estimates to share with the clients.

What Would Be the Cost Structure?

Different software consultants have a different pricing model. They will offer you a quote after studying your requirements and the projects’ size. The pricing structure is different for those whose turnover is beyond $50 million and whose turnover is below $10 million.

Depending upon your usage, customization, and additional features, the software’s cost will either increase or decrease.


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