Best Craft Businesses That Are Most Profitable

Best Craft Business

Businesses are generally more difficult to start at first, but in the long-term can be much more profitable and do not require much work in the long-term when compared with a standard 9 to 5 job.

Businesses with more of an online presence have lower overheads compared to their brick and mortar counterparts. And with the proliferation of digital tools, you increasingly have the ability to automate much of your business, which means you can earn more passive income.

Among the various types of businesses, craft businesses are ones that require minimum dependency on others and external resources. Hence, if it is your first time starting a business and you are interested in crafts and handiwork, craft businesses would be perfect for you. Start a craft business from home is not difficult.

Here are 11 of some of the easiest and profitable best craft businesses:

1) T-Shirt Designer

Different Custom Design T-shirts

This is quite easy if you are interested in such sort of stuff. Designing T-Shirts is easy if you know what the current trends and demands are. You can have quotes and pictures printed onto T-Shirts, and then sell them off at a higher rate than you bought the bulk from. If your designs are really unique and attractive, then people will flock to your T-Shirts business and even recommend friends and family to buy from you. The only real requirement here is you being able to design good and creative designs on the T-Shirts and the T-Shirts themselves too must be of good quality.

2) Toy Maker

Hand Made Toys for Kids

This does not only mean creating toys in the traditional sense as in building toys from scratch from nuts and bolts. Instead, you could be creative and create toys from existing materials you already have. Or perhaps you could create masterpieces from standard toys. For example, you could create fantastic and spectacular pieces of architecture from Lego, or perhaps an awesome Hot Wheels racing track. If it really is that impressive, people will definitely buy it from you. And of course, you could sell off old toys by revamping them and turning them into brand-new, but it all will definitely require some craft work and imagination to work out.

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3) Clothes/ Fashion Designer

Shoes, Ladies Shirt and cap on Table

This craft business is main-stream and you might have to compete with big brands in order to make it. But with enough imagination and creativity, you really can design clothes that beat out the local competition. If the designs are good enough people will definitely buy from you and recommend you to others, especially if you are offering your clothes at a lower price than the competition. Looking for some extra cash to start up your business? A title loan can be the perfect resource to utilize!

4) Woodworker / Wielder

Steel Welder

Both of those are similar. The only difference being that a woodworker works with the wood, whereas a wielder with steel. Of course these two skills require a lot of work to attain and some inherent talent, but if you enjoy doing it, then you will definitely be able to create a much profitable business from selling woodcraft and steel craft to people.

5) Costume Designer

Who doesn’t love a good costume? Costume parties, Halloweens etc. all require a good costume. While there are plenty of standard costumes available in the market, creating new ones that are unique will definitely spark interest from the public, and they will be interested in buying them.

6) Painter:

A girl in white shirt is painting a house

Starting this business doesn’t require a lot of capital for you. If you are painting as a hobby, you can earn good cash by transforming your side interest to business. If you have ever hired a painter and given away large sum for his labor, then you’ll surely concur that painting business is highly profitable. Not only having the option of painting houses or wooden furniture, if you have the skills of painting or sketching the features of your customers or requested faces then undoubtedly your earnings in this business can reach towering heights as people are willing to spend lots of money for their sketch or a picture.

7) Karaoke Studio:

Karaoke Studio business promises a lot if you have good music taste. Here people can come and spend an exceptionally decent times singing to their most loved tunes. All you need to have is an admirable stockpile of melodic songs. The music business around the globe is one the biggest business due to the affection and adoration for music by the people. So you have good chances of earning large amount of money as there would continue to be music lovers no matter what.

8) 3D Printing:

A business very uncommon and in its early stages, you have superior possibilities of earning handsomely as there is less competition in the market. Once you purchase the 3D printer and build setup, you can print possibly everything or anything i.e. natural scenery, celebrities, slogans or any pattern which is a trending market need. The income would be huge indeed.

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9) Bag maker – Best Craft Business:

Hardly around the globe will you come across the type of ladies who do not carry hand bags as it has become a basic need thus making this business that never goes into extinction. You do not need your bag making business to be specific to the female gender.

Instead you can adventure into making different types of bags for men, women and even school going children. The trending designs of Football clubs can be imprinted on the bags as there are huge number of football fans around the world. Things you can produce are innumerable and this business market is quite vast.

10) Birdhouses:

Birds House Crafts Ideas

An extremely enchanting and famous project is a birdhouse. One should realize the fact that outdoor ventures are well known to a great degree and people are willing to spend quite a lot of bucks on buying an alluring and attractive birdhouse for their pet birds. People take great care for the comfort of their pets thus making the birdhouse one of the top selling carpentry business.

11) Content Writer:

A man is writing with a black pointer

Quite a popular business these days is content writing. You can turn your writing skills into a money oriented business if you do appreciate writing frequently. By this art,you are not only assisting in resolving the issues of the people but also earning for yourself too. Your content can target the areas of fiction, religion, cultural event, sand festivities, history, biographies, sports, storytelling, reviews of various products, video description etc.


  1. Yes I agree with you content writing is a some good money oriented small business. You can demand the money according to the size of the content.

  2. Interesting read, I am always looking for new business to invest in. Great ideas, makes me want to find some talented crafts people and form a business with them. Thank you for this post!

  3. I like this article so much, but I wanted to ask one question. In this article you have mentioned woodworking can be as much benefit as other markets in the industry. Is it so? I want to make an earning from my profession but unaware of how to proceed. Wanted to get a viewpoint from someone who’s an expert in this field. Recently I read some article on the internet about the possibility of making money with woodworking, but I didn’t believe as such. If you could shed some light on this matter that would be really grateful. Thanking you for your response in advance.

  4. I appreciate you writing this article. I do have a question, though. In the title of the article, you called these crafts profitable and I don’t see any references to your research. Are these actually profitable in sales right now, or are these just good ideas for starting a business.

  5. Good read. I am going to look deeper into starting my own business now for my handmade wreaths. Not like the ones bought in stores, but still holiday themed or seasonal themed. And may even decide to sell my painted picture frame glass ideas.


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