Best Craft Business Names & Ideas That Are Most Profitable


Craft Businesses are generally more difficult to start at first, but in the long term can be much more profitable and do not require much work when compared with a standard 9 to 5 job.

Craft businesses require minimum dependency on others and external resources. Hence, if it is your first time starting a business and you are interested in crafts and handiwork, craft businesses would be perfect for you.

Cool & Eye Catchy Names for Craft Business

Craft Business Name Ideas for Shops & Kiosk

  • The Craft World
  • The Craft City
  • Crafty Connection
  • Craft Imagination
  • Craft Collection
  • Magic Hands
  • Magic Crafts
  • Beads, Buttons & Beyond
  • The Classic Crafts
  • Colorful Crafts
  • Classic Crafts
  • Crafts Cinema
  • Craft & Co.
  • Craft Station
  • Craft Spot
  • 2 Hands
  • Buttons & Buckets
  • Crafty Kids
  • The Handyman Shop
  • Handyman Heavens
  • Crafty Cart
  • Craft Castle

Craft Business Name Ideas for Blogs and Channels

  • 10 Minutes Craft
  • Weekly Craft
  • Everyday is Craft Day
  • Daily Craft
  • Let’s Work Together
  • Let’s Crafts
  • Craft & Me
  • The Crafty Channel
  • Two Hands Crafts
  • Made with Love
  • Made with Smile
  • The Craft Engineers
  • Crafts for Learners
  • Start your Craft
  • 20-Minutes Crafts
  • Anyone Can Do
  • Life-Changing Hacks
  • Best Crafts Gift
  • Anyone Can Craft
  • Craft Inspiration
  • Craft Planet
  • Central Craft
  • The DIY & Crafts
  • Let’s Do It

Best Craft Business Ideas 2023

Best Craft Business

If you’re looking to start your craft business, we have made a list of 50+ easiest and most profitable craft business ideas that you can start in 2023.

1) T-Shirt Designer

Different Custom Design T-shirts

This is quite easy if you are interested in such sort of stuff. Designing T-Shirts is easy if you know what the current trends and demands are. You can have quotes and pictures printed onto T-Shirts, and then sell them off at a higher rate than you bought the bulk from. If your designs are really unique and attractive, then people will flock to your T-Shirts business and even recommend friends and family to buy from you. The only real requirement here is you being able to design good and creative designs on the T-Shirts and the T-Shirts themselves too must be of good quality. Starting a small craft business of T-shirts is a good idea.

2) Toy Maker

Hand Made Toys for Kids

This does not only mean creating toys in the traditional sense as in building toys from scratch from nuts and bolts. Instead, you could be creative and create toys from existing materials you already have. Or perhaps you could create masterpieces from standard toys. For example, you could create fantastic and spectacular pieces of architecture from Lego, or perhaps an awesome Hot Wheels racing track. If it really is that impressive, people will buy it from you. And of course, you could sell off old toys by revamping them and turning them into brand-new ones, but it all will definitely require some craftwork and imagination to work out.

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3) Clothes/ Fashion Designer

Shoes, Ladies Shirt and cap on Table

This craft business is mainstream and you might have to compete with big brands to make it. But with enough imagination and creativity, you really can design clothes that beat out the local competition. If the designs are good enough people will definitely buy from you and recommend you to others, especially if you are offering your clothes at a lower price than the competition.

4) Woodworker / Wielder

Steel Welder

Both of those are similar. The only difference is that a woodworker works with the wood, whereas a wielder with steel. Of course, these two skills require a lot of work to attain and some inherent talent, but if you enjoy doing it, then you will be able to create a much more profitable business by selling woodcraft and steel craft to people.

5) Costume Designer

Who doesn’t love a good costume? Costume parties, Halloweens, etc. all require a good costume. While there are plenty of standard costumes available in the market, creating new and unique ones will spark interest from the public, and they will be interested in buying them. It is a good idea to start the home-based craft business.

6) Painter:

A girl in white shirt is painting a house

Painting is one of the best craft business ideas in 2023. Starting this business doesn’t require a lot of capital for you. If you are painting as a hobby, you can earn good cash by transforming your side interest into business. If you have ever hired a painter and given away a large sum for his labor, then you’ll surely concur that the painting business is highly profitable. Not only having the option of painting houses or wooden furniture, if you have the skills of painting or sketching the features of your customers or requested faces then undoubtedly your earnings in this business can reach towering heights as people are willing to spend lots of money for their sketch or a picture.

7) Karaoke Studio:

Karaoke Studio’s business promises a lot if you have good music taste. Here people can come and spend exceptionally decent times singing to their most loved tunes. All you need to have is an admirable stockpile of melodic songs. The music business around the globe is one the biggest businesses due to the affection and adoration for music by the people. So you have good chance of earning a large amount of money as there would continue to be music lovers no matter what.

8) 3D Printing:

A business, very uncommon and in its early stages, has superior possibilities of earning handsomely as there is less competition in the market. Once you purchase the 3D printer and Build the setup, you can print possibly everything or anything i.e. natural scenery, celebrities, slogans, or any pattern which is a trending market need. The income would be huge indeed.

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9) Bag maker – Best Craft Business:

Hardly around the globe will you come across the type of ladies who do not carry handbags as it has become a basic need thus making this business that never goes into extinction. You do not need your bag-making business to be specific to the female gender.

Instead, you can adventure into making different types of bags for men, women, and even school-going children. The trending designs of Football clubs can be imprinted on the bags as there is a huge number of football fans around the world. Things you can produce are innumerable and this business market is quite vast.

10) Birdhouses:

Birds House Crafts Ideas

An extremely enchanting and famous project is a birdhouse. One should realize the fact that outdoor ventures are well known to a great degree and people are willing to spend quite a lot of bucks on buying an alluring and attractive birdhouse for their pet birds. People take great care of the comfort of their pets thus making the birdhouse one of the top-selling carpentry businesses.

11) Content Writer:

A man is writing with a black pointer

Quite a popular business these days is content writing. You can turn your writing skills into a money-oriented business if you do appreciate writing frequently. Through this art, you are not only assisting in resolving the issues of the people but also earning for yourself too. Your content can target the areas of fiction, religion, cultural events, festivities, history, biographies, sports, storytelling, reviews of various products, video descriptions, etc.

12) Mug

One of the most creative and demanding businesses would be this mug. You can print a wide range of designs and your customer can customize them according to their preference. It’s a perfect gift for any occasion and you can print logos to distribute it to your company, you can print any photo, be it yours or your friend or loved one. This will look very thoughtful and would remind them of you whenever they will use them and recommend friends and family to buy from you. and imagination to work out.

13) Mobile cover printing

Mobile devices have taken over the whole world and for the protection of those devices, we use mobile phone covers. The mobile phone has become a basic need and the first thing anyone notices about you these days is your mobile phone case. Mobile covers are the most profitable crafts to sell in 2023. Your case should be attractive so that your first impression would be great. You can start a Mobile cover printing business and can earn so much from it. These are low in cost and are on trend in the market. You can customize cute cartoons, design logos, and even any design that is customized by you.

14) Candle Making Art

Candle-making art brings warmth, scent, and ambiance to your beautiful house. These days, the house feels incomplete without these beautiful candles. It’s a creative idea to start making candles and selling them. You can earn a lot once you start getting orders. The beautiful ambiance attracts people and that’s why it’s high in demand. You can either send it directly to customers or indirectly through resellers. You can have 50% or higher profit in this business. An excellent example of a craft business that started from home is “Yankee Candles”, be sure that you can do it too!

15) Bamboo Handicraft

Bamboo handicrafts have a lot of economic benefits in which raw bamboo is used to design anything like stools, mats, doors, baskets, floor mats, beach mats, shoulder bags, magazine holders, and cutlery trays. You can earn money by growing a bamboo plantation and selling the raw material to bamboo processors and manufacturers that can transform it into furniture, textiles, and construction materials.

16) Jewelry Designer

The jewelry business is one of the best craft business ideas. Starting your own craft business of jewelry can be an intimidating but extremely rewarding experience. It’s more affordable than ever to produce your jewelry collection. You don’t even necessarily need any drawing or design skills to become a fine jewelry designer. You may always hire an artist or designer to put your ideas into action or collaborate with a jewelry design studio to make your first sketches. It is one of the top-selling crafts.

17) Greeting Card Designer

Sending a greeting card may make someone’s day. Sending a card is a simple gesture that tells a loved one you care, whether you want to congratulate them, wish them a happy birthday, or simply let them know they’re on your mind. There will be so many fun parts in this business and you can customize it according to your and customer’s choice which will bring new ideas to the market.

18) Sculptor

If you’re into creating new ideas and are good at executing them then you should go for this. In this, you have to work hard with your heart and that will help you create a masterpiece that will help you get more and more orders by getting popular. Your best customers would be people who run big organizations and companies, industries, courts, hospitals, etc.

19) Handmade Soap Crafts

If you have little money to start a craft business then you can start a handmade small business idea of organic soap. The supplies to make soap are easy to find and making soap is easy to learn. You can generate a lot of profit from soap because it’s a basic need and everyone wants to smell good. People believe soap from factories has many chemicals in it so their main preference is homemade soap.

20) Knitting Crafts:

If you love sewing and designing clothes, this business is perfect for you. But it’s not easy at all, you can’t take it for granted. It requires dedication, effort, and passion. So many of them get paid for their hobbies. In this, you’re most likely to be self-employed and responsible for your loss and profit, which can be quite costly and time-consuming. In this business, you can put as much time as you’d like. You can do everything from your own home in the beginning and as your business grows, you can continue it in your shop.

21) Floral Designer

Execution of how creative a human mind could be can be proved by this business. In this, you use live, dried, dead and silk, artificial, and many different types of flowers for decoration purposes. This business is almost successful because everyone loves to design and decorate their houses during festivals, birthdays, occasions, and weddings. Besides that, you can bring joy to people’s lives and help make their special occasions more beautiful. You can also sell your designs and décor internationally so it’s another way of making money from the same business.

22) Basket Weaving

This is a very common yet thoughtful idea of starting a basket-weaving business by selling baskets to customers. It’s a form of art and in ancient times, everyone used to have their basket weaving business because you didn’t need to specialize or learn skills for this business. You can earn a good profit from this.

23) Bookbinding

The most important benefit of starting your own business is that you are self-employed and not dependent on others for your business. This can sometimes be costly and time-consuming but doing business was never easy. Bookbinding is a profitable business and you don’t require many supplies. The rates are generally based on the size of the book. Bookbinders have opportunities to create more book buyers through their creativity that will bring interest in them to bring more books

24) Christmas Decorations

It’s a religious and cultural festival that is celebrated all over the world. It’s the most lightful and exciting festival and people decorate their houses with Christmas trees, lights, bulbs, and gifts. Since it’s the festival of happiness, people tend to decorate their apartments as well as outside of their apartments. This festival comes once a year and you can earn a lot more that month compared to your annual earnings.

25) Art & Photo Framer

Art and photo frames are important components of wall and house decoration. This makes your house look 10 times better and decent. You can give a photo frame as a gift for weddings, occasions, or as a birthday gift. It’s like a memory box. Those pictures give you memories of those golden moments. This is the most demanding yet easiest one too. You just need to use your creativity in outer and inner work. Besides that, you can also frame the paintings made by your loved ones so that you can keep them with you forever. You can earn a lot from this business because everyone wants to have photo frames on their wall in homes, offices, hospitals, and industries. It is used for decorative purposes.

26) Pillow & Bed Sheets Designing

These are widely used items in our household so their demand is the highest. you can keep your profit rates high but for that, you need to use your creativity skills and can earn a lot more. It’s a profitable business all over the world. The cute and minimalistic designs will bring you in demand and you can keep your profit high as soon as you start getting orders.

27) Gift Baskets

A gift basket business depends on how many baskets you sell each day but it’s highly demandable in the market these years. Everyone wants to give their loved one’s gift baskets to express their love on anniversaries, birthdays, occasions, weddings, and festivals. You can customize and sell it and based on that you can choose your profit. You just need to use your brain to create cute and attractive baskets so that customers can buy them from you even if your baskets are high in price so the gift basket business would be a great idea.

28) Pottery

The pottery business can earn you annual earnings of just under $20,000- $47500. The main material used is clay which has a low cost. A potter combines two to three types of clay powders to make one dough of clay. The types of clay are phosphate clay, quarts clay, china clay, and Bikaner clay. You need a ceramic kiln, pottery wheels, tools like needles, fettling knives, cutter wires, brushes, sponges, scraps, calipers, etc. For decorating you need glitter and paints. I recommend you stick to the paints and glazing technique. Glaze resembles paint and they help in giving a smooth glass-like surface to ceramics.

29) Weaving Cot and Chairs

Weaved cots and chairs are common in the Indian and Pakistani Punjab. Nowadays people love traditional and antique furniture. The only skill of weaving will earn you money.

30) Leather Handicrafts

The scope of the leather industry is rapidly expanding and the demand for original leather products is increasing. You can self-teach leather smith skills by taking online courses or you can hire leather smiths who can work for you. You can start the production of many goods like shoes, wallets, bags, gloves, key chains, bracelets, belts, jackets, etc. In Asia, girls love traditional footwear and bags having elegant designs. Leather goods are in fashion the time.

If you are thinking about starting a leather handicrafts business then, you are thinking right.

You can also customize leather goods as per customer requirements.

31) Screen Printing

You have to buy a trooper printer machine and you can start your business. How much money can you make through screen printing? If you print 180 shirts per hour then you can make more than $ 100,000 a year. You can turn a profit in no time by starting your business from your home with a small initial investment and a solid marketing plan. The items you can screen print include

Aprons, Binders, Flags, Backpacks, T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Glass, Ceramics, signs and displays, electronics, medical devices, balloons, etc.

Screen printing is a profitable craft business idea.

32) Digital Printing

The devices you require for starting this business include a pro grader laser and inkjet printer, a powerful computer with graphic designing software, and a cutting machine. You can digitally print on several different things like T-shirts, fabrics (linen and polyester), heavyweight papers, plastic, thick cardstock, and folding cartons.

Difference between Screen and Digital printing

In digital printing, you prepare a design on the computer by using graphical designing software and then directly transfer it to your merchandise. On the other hand screen printing resembles stenciling in which you spread the solid paste on the sketch or stencil.

33) Rubber Stamp Maker

The machines you require for the rubber stamp maker include laser cutting and engraving machines. The average cost of rubber stamp making is Rs. 1,00,000 to 1,50,000. You can make customized rubber stamps as per customer orders. You can design the company logos on the rubber stamps. You can provide self-inked or pre-inked stamps. As per your budget, you can make the stamp mounts out of plastic, wood, aluminum, etc.

34) Tortoise Shell Art

If you are an artist with an aesthetic mind then, you can convert your passion or skill into money. You can start tortoiseshell art. Customers pay high prices for this unique piece.

35) Lamp Shades Designer

The lamp adds charm to the interior of the room with its fascinating light. The three main types of lampshade assemblies are the spider, Uno, and clip-on. Lamp designing does not need much money and time. You can use different art accessories to decorate the lamp. You can embed pearls on it or you can paint the lamp. The floral lamp looks so aesthetic. You can make pleated fabric lampshades, dip-dye, watercolor, botanical, graphically designed stickers, rope-wrapped shades, cardstock designs, and recycled fabric shades.

36) Upcycled Furniture

You can make a few extra dollars by upcycling old furniture and then selling it. When choosing old furniture don’t check in what state they are in but consider that it is a solid wood, well-made piece. By using your artistic skills you can convert the old and worn-out products into modern and chic. You will get the old furniture at a low rate and then you can paint it, polish it and then sell it. Your cost of production will be low and you will get more profit. Many interior designers are using vintage and old furniture in houses.

37) Mirror Crafts- Most Profitable Craft to Sell 2023

Mirror art business costs under $2000 and you can operate it from home. This business does not need your time. You can pursue it as a hobby in your part-time job. In this art, you work on your idea by assembling pieces of mirrors of different colors and sizes. You will find mirrors and all required materials from a local mirror shop at no cost. You can sell your craft online. You can get international orders and your business will expand in no time. You just need a glass grinder/cutter and a few hand tools. Art patterns are available in the market on which you can assemble the mirrors. If you are creative and can create a design then make your patterns.

You can decorate a mirror with lights and flowers etc.

38) Custom Caricature Artist

If you don’t know about caricature Art then, let me explain it is a picture of a person in which his/her few characteristics are highlighted to create a comic or grotesque effect.

You can work on this idea only if you have the skills. You can just draw this cartoon effect with your hands. The cost of this business is quite low because you just need the canvas and paints. The four modes of drawing caricature are satire, comedy, grotesque, and portrait or high definition caricature. In the simplest conditions, artists use only one mode but in the complex condition, they combine both.

39) Pumpkin crafts

Kids love pumpkin crafts because they can play with them. There are many types of pumpkin crafts

Glittery mason jar jack o lanterns 

They have a sparkle inside which is eye-catchy.

Painted wood slice pumpkins

You can paint the half-cut pumpkin on the wood slice. People place these pumpkins in their houses as decoration pieces.

Pumpkin garland

People use pumpkin garlands mostly at Halloween parties for decoration purposes.

Tin can pumpkins

You can use wasted tin cans and can draw the pumpkin shape on them and then sell it.

40) Wooden Sign Crafts

How to start your own craft business? Wooden signs are the most sold item on Etsy, eBay, and other online marketplaces. You need a work table or work surface, knives, saws, Bent tools, straight V tools, veining tools, chisels, gouges, etc. You can engrave the names and signs on the wood with the help of tools. You have to provide the option of customized orders to your customer.

41 ) Bath Bombs

For this, you are most likely needed to have a license. Starting this business is inexpensive and you would have all the supplies at home. Making bath bombs as a hobby and earning from doing what you love the most is the best feeling ever. Bath bombs just help you feel relaxed and calm you down after a hectic day. Everyone is into self-care and self-love and wants to prioritize themselves and these bath bombs work like a magic. This business will be going to be a hit business.

42) Paper Flowers

Everyone likes to decorate their houses with natural flowers but natural flowers get wilted after a few days. So, paper flowers are a good substitute for natural flowers. You can make frosted paper flowers, crepe paper flowers, tissue paper flowers, paper flower glossaries, bouquets, wreaths, etc.

43) Paper Wallets

You can make paper wallets or envelopes out of paper. You can make different designs on it to make them more trendy.

44) Hair Accessories- Craft Businesses that Make Money

It is one of the best at home craft business ideas. Hair accessories include hair ribbons, hair bows, headbands, hairbrushes, bandanas, barrettes, ponytail holders, and scrunchies. These are required by mostly females and are highly in demand, you can add your profit and can sell these at higher rates. It’s a profitable business and you can earn by selling hair accessories.

45) Keychains

It’s a chain or ring of metal used to hold many keys together so that they can’t be lost. It gives both ends the ability to rotate and it’s a basic necessity. Keychains can be very creative and therefore are very high in demand. Designing cute, minimalistic, and thoughtful keychains will help your business to grow and the invention of new designs will create your name in the market.

46) Business Card Holder

You can hold a large variety of items in your business card cases or holders. You can use different materials for making business card holders like plastic, leather, etc.

47) Egg Carton Crafts

We should use the wasted items for inventing new things. You can use egg cartons to start small business ideas crafts. You can make an egg carton treasure chest, egg carton boat, egg carton mouse finger puppet, egg carton flower, and shark.

48) Plush crafts

The most popular fabric for plush making is Minky because it’s such a soft, fluffy, and easy to work with fabric. Kids love to play with plush toys and it is one of the profitable craft ideas. The cost of production for this business is low.

49) Bee crafts

As you know, honey bees are very popular and everyone’s favorite. You can work on small business crafts ideas related to bees by designing anything of bee shape and color. This idea sounds very new, interesting, and unique and will help your business to grow. Art and crafts businesses are loved by everyone. You can make bookworms, headbands, bracelets, puppets, clay pots, crochet, egg cartons, and paper plates.

50) Textile Designing

Textile designing is the most profitable business. You can design custom shirts, cushions, bags, etc.

51) Enamel Pins Designer

As a style statement, Enamel pins are loved by millennials and independent designers, they have found innovative ways to wear portable pins. If you are interested, just work with professional pin makers. You can easily turn your digital designs into vivid physical pins. Order in bulk, and then show them to your potential customers by online or offline channels. Customers usually buy enamel pins individually; you can sell them at a higher unit price. Quality suppliers play a decisive role in the quality of enamel pins. Remember to select suppliers who have their own factories. They can better control the production process than middlemen.

52) Stickers Designer

As the top list of Etsy top selling items right now, jumping into the sticker business is a safe bet; they are more flexible than pins, and people can stick stickers anywhere. Yes, anywhere! Die cut stickers can be applied to their computers, mobile phones, skateboards, guitars, water bottles, notebooks, and anywhere you can think of. Before starting mass production, you can post your designs to social platforms to gain a group of fans, thus you can start your sticker business with confidence. For stickers, quality is as important as design. You can search for well-rated sticker suppliers on Google.


Handmade business ideas are common now a days. There are many successful crafty business ideas stories. If you want to create your successful craft business story then, turn your idea into reality. Your creative mind can support you financially. Look for craft business opportunities near you and find your passion. We have provided you with a list of craft businesses that make money. We hope that it will be helpful for you. Starting a crafts business in 2023 from home is easy and craft companies are gaining the attention of customers.


How to start a craft business with no money?

How to start an art and craft business? You can start a crafty small business with no money when you have artistic skills. You just have to pick the waste items like tin and bottles etc. then, convert them into crafts.

How to start a small craft business?

The first and foremost step to working on small craft business ideas is finding your niche, then, making a business plan. After it makes an initial investment in the business and when your business starts growing to invest more money in it.

How to start an online craft business?

How to start a craft business from home? Starting an online craft business is quite easy. First, research the market demand and differentiate your product line. Then, purchase a domain name and hosting to set up your product website for your craft storage ideas. How to start an online craft supply business? If you want to sell on online marketplaces you just have to provide your information and make an account.

What crafts make the most money?

Profitable DIY projects with the highest profit margins are Art, Jewelry, Photography, Soap, candles, etc.

What is a good name for a craft business?

A good name for your business Crafts is what you have in your mind. Or you can give names to your craft business like Dream crafts etc.


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