5 Tips and Tricks to Customizing Your Resume for Remote Work


Your resume is the secret key to unlocking the door to your dream remote job.

The post-pandemic era has brought significant changes to the structure of the workforce in many organizations. Renowned corporations and multinational companies are more open to the idea of a team of employees with diverse nationalities. This development has inadvertently led to numerous job opportunities in almost every field one can think of. Nevertheless, inasmuch as this may sound like good news, the competition for remote job opportunities is at an all-time high!

What started as a mere response to the COVID-19 virus outbreak has fast become a trend in our world today. A recent study reveals that 97% of employees prefer to work remotely. Professionals across all groups now desire the flexibility to work remotely. Plus, the majority of people who have worked remotely have regarded it to be an excellent opportunity and experience.

Seeing that working from home is a trend that’s come to stay and the ever-increasing numbers of individuals hoping to clinch a remote work opportunity, then one must take the necessary steps to land a dream remote job role. And there’s no better place to start from other than crafting a winning resume. A superb résumé can open doors. It catches the eye of hiring managers and recruiters, promotes your most valuable talents and accomplishments, and demonstrates how you’re a good fit for a position or project.

Designing your resume to fit a possible remote job situation is a great approach to stand out. This article will teach you how to modify your resume for work-from-home opportunities. Ready? Set? Continue to read.

Importance of having an excellent resume

Imagine you walk into your neighborhood restaurant and you find your crush of seven long weeks sitting at a table all by herself. No friends, no dates, nothing nor no one at all. You meet just her, the menu, some cutleries and the table sheets. What would you rather do when you approach her table? Go down on one knee and propose marriage to her? Or smartly give her the best first impression of you by giving her all the cool and amazing details about you in the sleekest way possible?

The scenario outlined above paints a nice picture of the essence of having an excellent resume. Resumes convey to the hiring manager a lot about you, including who you are, where you’ve worked in the past, and any other pertinent information. Therefore, carefully selecting a resume writing service to craft your resume is essential if you want to ensure it stands out from the competition. Researching your options to find the best resume writing service, doing your due diligence to compare their services, and reading reviews and ratings of resume writing services can save you time and money in the long run.

Ideally, your resume should be succinct enough to persuade the hiring manager that your resume is worthy of further consideration. Essentially, your resume should be so tempting to your future employer that they can nearly hear you say, “I am the right one for your company.”

Listed below are some of the integral roles a resume plays in every job-hunting process:

–      Places you ahead of others

A compelling resume will give you an advantage over your competition. Recruiters often get a huge number of applicants for any opening. As a result, a well-written resume will provide you with an advantage over the competition.

This “edge” is especially important for jobs with a lot of competitors. After all, your goal is to beat out the competitors and acquire a job you want to do. A strong résumé will undoubtedly assist you in this endeavor.

–      Shows your skills and the value you bring to the table

A well-organized resume will demonstrate your enticing talents and knowledge to potential employers, thus your resume must reflect your most recent skills and experience.

Furthermore, your resume informs an organization about what you can do to help the company succeed by bringing your skills and knowledge to the table. When you provide real performance measures, employers are more likely to estimate the value you will bring to them.

–      Give a lasting first impression

You’ve probably heard that the first impression you leave on a recruiter is the final impression you make. Your resume forms the hiring manager’s first impression of you. A well-written one will most likely get you an interview.

A poorly-written resume, on the other hand, generates a negative image of you regardless of your degree of skill. It may also affect your chances of being invited to an interview.

Best practices for beating a resume ATS checker

A resume ATS checker will almost certainly review your resume before it reaches the desk of a human recruiter. The good news however is that there are a few basic tactics that’ll help your resume get through an application tracking system.

For starters, avoid using generic resumes. Instead, strive to tailor each CV to the job you seek. While working on the CV, include as many keywords as possible that are related to the position.

Finally, the format of your resume is important. When an ATS analyzes your resume, the positioning of the material could impact the evaluation of your application. If you have little or no job experience, the Skills Based resume style may be your best bet. This approach emphasizes your strengths to compensate for any gaps in your professional job experience. If you have extensive professional experience, a Chronological Resume structure is a better option.

SmallPDF’s contract templates

SmallPDF’s contract templates are resourceful in helping you draft the contract for your next remote employment. It provides a broad range of free contract templates that you can download and use to construct a basic contractor agreement that covers your job as a freelancer.

It’s usually a good idea as a freelancer to have a formal contract with your clients. A well-written contract offers the safety and security that freelancers and clients want. A contract will assist you create trust with customers, define expectations in advance, and lead to greater satisfaction with project outcomes and client experience. If you don’t have a contract for your freelancing job, you should think about writing one.

Before beginning any work for your employer, be sure you provide them with your freelancing contract. Use a standard format, such as Microsoft Word, so that everyone will easily agree and sign.

5 Tips and tricks to customizing your resume for remote work

Your resume for remote employment should showcase your professional experience and transferable abilities and credentials that make you a valuable asset to the organization. If you are looking for a job but are unsure how to write your resume for remote work, the following recommendations should assist:

1.   Pattern your resume to suit the job

It is the primary rule you must follow to be successful in getting your hands on the job. It implies that you must tailor your resume to showcase the abilities and accomplishments that are most suitable for the position you are looking for.

To customize your resume to a specific position, investigate the job criteria and identify important tasks and qualities necessary for the job in your resume. Additionally, it is preferable to quantify your effect on past jobs and how they connect to the job criteria.

2.   Use catchy designs and make it easy to read

Hiring managers examine countless resumes, so you want yours to stand out. Stick to a simple yet appealing structure that is easy to skim. Headings and bullet points draw a hiring manager’s attention to certain crucial topics while also helping them to rapidly grasp who you are as an applicant.

Traditional resume advice suggests keeping it to one page. Unless you have a very lengthy list of accomplishments and credentials, that is still a decent rule of thumb to follow.

3.   Include a cover letter in your application

A resume is simply one component of an effective application. Finding remote work and getting hired usually entails beating out a huge pool of candidates, especially if the post is accessible to job searchers globally.

Write a cover letter if you want to stand out. Cover letters provide color to a CV and allow you to go further into your past, talents, and expertise. It additionally allows the hiring manager to understand why you’ve applied for the specific job at their organization, and, more significantly, why they should interview you over other candidates.

4.   Mention previous remote work experience

To boost your chances of landing a remote job, you should additionally showcase your remote work experience. You have to highlight your experience, particularly the strategies and techniques you utilized to communicate and interact with coworkers and clients.

Furthermore, give actual instances of tasks you’ve done while working remotely, emphasizing your ability to meet deadlines and maintain high work quality standards.

5.   Use high-ranking keywords

Most businesses use an application tracking system to handle staff recruiting and hiring. The search tool is one of the things that makes ATSs so handy. Companies can rapidly find competent individuals by doing keyword searches.

Without particular keywords in your resume (and cover letter), your resume may never be noticed by the hiring manager. Make sure to include keywords like “remote”, “telecommute”, “virtual”, and so on with role-specific phrases.

Get ready to sharpen your secret weapon for landing your next remote job

Crafting the right CV for remote employment needs extra thought and diligent effort – showing your ability to operate independently, under minimal supervision. Having an effective application, without a doubt, plays a major role in being hired!

Building a solid remote work resume and portfolio is critical for being outstanding as a remote job prospect. It is critical to highlight your remote work experience and talents on your resume, and any remote-specific tools or technologies in which you are adept, and to construct a visually appealing and easy-to-navigate portfolio that highlights your work and skills.

By following these recommendations, you’ll be well on your way to getting your desired remote job.

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