The Overview of the Cyprus Citizenship


Cyprus is the third largest and populous island country of the Eastern Mediterranean. If you have plans to move to Cyprus and get its passport, trust me, it’s a very good choice. Once you step on the land of Cyprus, you will fall in love with this country in an instance. Cyprus is an amazing place for the residence and for nationality because this land provides numerous benefits. The tax policies are very favorable, culture is rich, language is 80% English, healthcare facilities are good, life is secure and what’s not.

Now the question is, how the Cyprus citizenship can be obtained and what the benefits of it are? One can get the passport in the following ways:

1) By investment:

It is the quickest yet the most expensive way of getting Cyprus citizenship i.e. investment of minimum €2,150,000. This way the person can get the Cyprus citizenship in 180 days only. The person can either invest in luxury villas for residence or on commercial property and can enjoy the fruits of citizenship.

2) By living for a certain period:

When a person lives in Cyprus for a certain period, he becomes eligible for citizenship. He needs to fulfill few requirements i.e. his age must be above 21, he must live in Cyprus for 7 years, he should not leave for any other country for at least 1 year before the application for citizenship etc. Also, he shouldn’t have any criminal record and enter the boundaries of Cyprus in a legal way.

3) By marriage:

If a person is married to Cypriot citizen and living in a peaceful marital life with the spouse, he can apply for citizenship after a certain period of marriage. The person should be a legal resident who enters Cyprus through the legal procedure.

4) By birth:

A person born in Cyprus with at least one Cypriot parent is automatically a citizen of Cyprus by birth. Born in any other country with at least one Cypriot parent also makes him entitled to citizenship.

Advantages of Cyprus citizenship:

Once an individual becomes a Cyprus citizen, he can enjoy numerous benefits the country offers. Few of these benefits include:

Traveling: Person with Cyprus citizenship can travel to 27 states of the European Union without the requirement of a visa.

Education: Cyprus citizens can get admission in public universities with free education till under graduation. They can avail the same benefit for the other EU countries too. They can avail of the facility of quality education with low fee structure when enrolled in universities for postgraduate programs.

Employment: The citizens can enjoy all the extensive occupational rights within Cyprus and other states of the European Union. This way the individual along with his family can live in any state of EU without any restriction.

Health: Once the person is Cypriot, he can enjoy the health benefits of Cyprus and other EU states. There are certain cases when citizens can avail of the hospital’s services for free.

Taxation: The tax rates in Cyprus are the lowest among the world which means, the citizens of Cyprus this blessing in multiple ways. They can expand their business without any hurdles and do not fear huge deductions from the salaries in the name of taxation.

Retirement: Cypriots are entitled to the pension after retirement as they are insured under the social security scheme.

Cyprus is one of the amazing countries to live, to work and to grow. Once you are a Cyprus citizen, you won’t regret your choice. It promises you much more than you expect, are you willing to explore?


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