Why Digitization is the Next Step for Contractors


cand applied to contractors it would mean the process of moving your information from pen and paper to an online app or software.

Digitization is one of the most important issues at the moment for contractors, and the current health situation only seeks to enhance the urgency of it.

Contractors have generally conducted their business using analogue methods up until recently. Using paperwork, calling their clients on the phone and heading over to their locations in order to set up a contract or plan for a job on the spot.

Nowadays, more and more contractors and technicians are starting to see the benefits of digitizing, given the fact that they turn to easy solutions such as apps for scheduling and dispatching that let them conduct their business more quickly. Digitization has a few advantages for a business:

1. It provides you new and robust ways of conducting your business
2. It can raise your productivity exponentially
3. It can overhaul old ways of doing things

Let’s go over each one in particular.

It Provides you with New and Robust Ways of Conducting your Business

To make a decisive point for digitization regarding this aspect, we need not stray any further away from the issue of the current health crisis. As more and more businesses depend on more analogue ways of conducting their business and outreach (for example brick and mortar stores).

Contractors who have gone the way of using social media platforms for outreach and making a name for themselves are way more protected than contractors and technicians that do not have at least a website and depend on word-of-mouth to get jobs.

Plus, the advantage of having your business with you at all times by using a mobile app for scheduling and dispatching especially designed for contractors and technicians, is extremely invaluable in today’s volatile market.

Being able to see all your jobs, reports, status, work time and all the information you need from yourself or your employees is extremely handy and easy to use and it shies away from the old cumbersome ways of using paperwork.

It Can Raise your Productivity Exponentially

Let’s make a simple mind experiment. Imagine you have all the information you need about your clients, jobs, tasks, employees or colleagues, at your fingertips. Past and future events together with a calendar to keep everything neatly organized.

By using an app or any other software you can instantly reach any client, job or tasks that you ever done while also checking things like financial reports, save receipts, etc. Imagine having to search through mountains of papers to find a single receipt, when you can just take a photo of it and store it in your app.

You get to save a huge amount of time, and implicitly money.

It Can Overhaul Old Ways of Doing Things

As a contractor or a technician you probably had times when you had to call clients to remind them of an upcoming job and they forgot. Well, by digitizing your business you get to make use of things such as automatic sms reminders that make your life easier and your clients’.

That way, you maximize the efficiency you get out of your new digitized processes, without having to manually call and re-confirm each and every job you set out to do.

Plus, with features such as location tracking, you can always be aware of your colleagues’ location at all times while working, making it easier to see if they successfully arrived at a job on time or not.


These are just some of the reasons why contractors need to focus on digitizing their business in the upcoming future. The most pernicious aspect to not going this route is that this is where the future is headed, and where every other contractor and technician are heading, so make sure you kickstart your digitizing process as soon as possible!


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