Dive into the World of Art and Exhibitions Created by Artists with Pure, Untethered Lights


In today’s society, paintings and art continue to be a source of inspiration, emotion, and beauty for people around the world. From traditional mediums like oil paint and watercolor, to digital art and installation pieces, the world of art is constantly evolving and expanding.

In an interview with SAYO(Instagram @sayo_visualartist)  who is part of a unique art project currently exhibited in Tokyo Japan, SAYO shared her thoughts on the impact of their work and their future goals of the project. “I believe that art has the power to bring about change and free people in a way that nothing else can,” SAYO said. “I want to create pieces that allow people to experience a moment of pure, unencumbered freedom, even if just for a moment. I believe that art created from a pure place holds a pure light that is untethered to anything else, and I hope that people can experience that through our projects.”

In hopes to create a cycle of art that can change people’s lives, transporting them to a dream-like world through the power of light and art. In addition to their artistic pursuits, the partnered exhibition project is promoting the idea of living with art.

Exhibition with two companies that share their values: NORA Inc and FAVORRIC. NORA has won five awards at the KAMI CHARISMA 2023 Awards and has garnered support from both the general public and celebrities. Their philosophy is to pursue “unchanging beauty,” and their goal is to help each customer get closer to their “ideal self.” Their theme is to provide the excitement of enjoyable beauty treatments. NORA is mainly providing the places and assisting artists.

FAVORRIC aims to offer a lifestyle that easily incorporates art into daily life as a tool for beautiful living.

Despite the success they have also noticed the challenges facing the art industry in Japan. It can be difficult for artists to gain exposure and for people to embrace the idea of incorporating art into their daily lives. However, SAYO and their project team is determined to change this narrative and is excited to have the opportunity to participate in this exhibition with FAVORRIC,location provided by NORA.

“We are grateful for the opportunities we have had to showcase our work, but we have also learned that it takes proactive effort to get noticed in the art world,” SAYO said. “I want to contribute to promoting the idea of living with and embracing art in our daily lives, even if space is limited. That is what I hope to achieve through this exhibition and in my future endeavors.”

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, it is a great time to explore the diverse art and exhibitions being created by talented artists and companies from all around the globe. The future of art looks bright, and with the passion and dedication of artists, it is sure to continue inspiring and enriching the lives of people everywhere.

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