Do I Need Event Insurance, and Why?


Ever been the host of a venue? If so, then you must know how invariably difficult and mind-numbingly complicated it must be, especially given everything that can intervene and affect your carefully laid-out plans.

“Just what can go wrong?” the person without hosting experience might ask. Not that I hold it against you, because on paper, hosting an event seems difficult, but certainly not impossible.

Well… it might not be impossible, but trust me when I say it’s difficult enough to lend a handful of pre-preparation anxiety meatballs to even the most experienced hosts.

Here’s a quick explanation as to why insurance is so important to the event hosting industry.

What Is Event Insurance?

To put it simply, event insurance is an extra layer of added protection in case your event goes awry. As with every other type of insurance, it is supposed to help you cover the financial costs associated with any intruding surprise.

Many people question why they need event insurance. The quick and dirty answer is that whatever plans you have established aren’t going to go the way you expect them. Do you know the quote that goes, “No plan survives first contact with your enemy?

Well, your guests aren’t your enemies, but they’re the closest thing to an enemy you have for as long as you’re the host.

How Can My Guests Affect Me?

According to US law, anything that affects the guest of an event leaves the host directly responsible. Therefore, if your three-times removed uncle wasn’t aware you have to remove the toothpick out of served green olives before eating them, and almost chokes to death, then you are held liable.

Depending on the circumstances, this could or could not count as a catastrophe. Maybe your uncle isn’t going to hold it against you since you’re not the one who stuck the toothpick down his throat.

On the other hand, maybe it wasn’t your uncle. Maybe it was, instead, the friend of a friend you’ve invited. Unfortunately, they have no rapport with you, haven’t shared in more than small talk, and haven’t come to really care about your wellbeing.

You are, therefore, the perfect target for a lawsuit. After all, it was because of you that they choked on a green olive!

And you, being the event host, know how a US lawsuit might go. In case you don’t, then let us spell it out: potentially, very badly. Losing a case held against you could ruin your financial possibilities and thus prematurely end your career as an event host.

I, for one, believe that is more than a good enough reason to get insurance.

That way, you can cover any fees associated with hiring a lawyer or an attorney as well as building your defense. Furthermore, most event insurance packages also cover cancellation fees as well as other complications that can leave you in the dust.

Insure Yourself Today!

The importance of insurance cannot be underestimated. It can help make the difference between having to pay a hefty fine that might leave you homeless – or, worst-case scenario, being condemned to a few years in prison – to going through a couple of solvable complications.

While you might believe yourself lucky enough to uphold your career as an event host without insurance, I guarantee you that at one point or another, fate will stop smiling on you and will instead surprise you with a metaphorical slap to the face.

Every event host has gone through that at least once. It’s the main reason why the experienced never host any event without purchasing insurance since they are well aware that the universe always finds ways to surprise us.

So if you don’t want to leave yourself financially bankrupt because one of your guests sprained their ankle while running up and down the stairs like a hyperactive child, then consider purchasing Eventsured insurance for events.


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