E-Commerce Videos: Video Marketing Strategy to Boost Sales


E-commerce businesses are on the rise right now since we, unfortunately, live in an age when the global pandemic doesn’t give us a chance to shop and enjoy the privilege of buying things like we used to. In 2022, shopping online is still a better choice to help you stay safe and not get sick.

But what is inconvenient for a regular person is a gem for e-commerce! That’s why these days, everyone invests in digital sales more than in offline ones and uses all the possible methods to promote their business on the internet.

One of the most effective marketing promotion methods in e-commerce now is video marketing, which will be the main topic of today’s article. So if you want to know all the benefits of video marketing for e-commerce and what videos you can create for your YouTube or TikTok corporate profile to promote your company in 2022. Let’s see them!

Benefits of video marketing for e-commerce

So, about the benefits. Here we want to show you our list of the most important benefits videos can bring to your brand. But there is so much more out there!

Google loves video content

Not only SEO is Google’s sweetheart, but videos too!

The most important and popular search engine in the world favors pages with video content over the ones without it simply because people like videos better. Google’s algorithm can notice that usually, a regular visitor prefers to watch a “How to paint your room” video over reading the article with the same information.

Hence, Google will recommend a video over an article. It is simple logic, and we offer you to take advantage of this logic of the search engine.

People notice video content

As we said, people prefer video content over texts, but in addition, they pay much more attention to the pages with videos and spend more time on them.

And if Google sees that your page receives significant attention from visitors, the engine pushes it higher and higher on the first page; thus, you are much closer to a desirable top three!

Videos make you closer to the audience

Through videos, you can bring a lot of ideas to show your true identity and your company’s goals. Look for quality video testimonial software that lets you collect video testimonials and crowdsource pro-quality video content.

Watching videos is a much more intimate experience for a person than reading a text because they don’t see anyone behind the words in your blogs. However, when they’re watching videos, it feels like almost talking to you, which makes a person’s purchases from your company much closer to their heart.

It is not that hard to create these days

We absolutely believe that with an abundance of free template videos, free video editors, and high-quality cameras on every smartphone, you can produce good videos for almost nothing, though with an interesting premise!

The best video ideas for e-commerce in 2022

Like with content marketing, you will not make any progress in video marketing without great ideas of content to upload on YouTube. As for e-commerce, we find that ideas we’ll explore in a second are the most fundamental ones that can be widened and customized according to your needs. After all, you know your brand the best! So, let’s take a look at them!

Product howtos and tutorials

The classic short content videos on how a person can use your products in their day-to-day lives are always on-trend.

These professional explainer videos can save a lot of time for your customers, and they will appreciate that you really care about their experience with your product.


Behind-the-scenes videos are so intriguing because people love to look behind the curtain to learn how their favorite products are made.

If you can show the process of creating or making products, believe us, people will be thrilled to watch this kind of video on your channel!

CEO or employee messages

Showing how the internal processes are performed in your company and hearing from employees and CEO various interesting information about your company’s life is a gem of an idea for a video.

Do it in an interview format when someone asks the CEO or specialists about products, how they are made, how the company tries to improve them, etc.

Fun videos

When you have done all the main types of videos, it’s time to have fun!

If it fits your brand’s identity, you can do skits, funny integrations, laughable ads, and video animations to make your audience laugh hard. It can bring much joy to your customers, and if you find it appropriate for your marketing strategy, go nuts!

In conclusion: what do you need to make high-quality videos for e-commerce?

In this last part, we will talk about the critical things and items you will need to create awesome videos for your e-commerce business.

  1. Equipment. This part will absolutely depend on your capabilities: you can do great vlogs on your smartphone, for starters, but later it is better to invest in a camera, lighting, mics, and stabilization gear.
  2. Software. The most important is, of course, a video editor, but it is not the only one you will need. We also advise you to get a compressor, photo editing tool, text to speech tool and a converter. Since not all social media platforms support all formats, you will need a nice MKV-to-MP4 converter online to convert your clips without losing any quality.
  3. Photos and music. Adding cool photos, infographics, and royalty-free music will really help to make your videos interesting for a viewer. In this case, we also go for stock websites, and we are never disappointed.

And, of course, don’t forget about the websites we are doing all this work for: social media platforms. Here we mean all the range of platforms from Google My Business to TikTok where you can get followers (a.k.a. potential customers) thanks to your videos.

So, now you have it! You have everything you need to know about video marketing in e-commerce, so go ahead and conquer this Olympus!


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