5 Easy Money Saving Hacks


Everybody likes saving money, but more often than not, it can seem that we spend a lot more than we save. In order for us to save more, it is important to see where we can cut back on costs. Whether that’s cooking more instead of eating out, limiting our spending on luxuries or hitting the vintage stores instead of our high street favourites, there are plenty of ways to ensure that we keep more cash in our wallets.

Here are some of our favourite money-saving hacks.

1) Stay away from the coffee shops

While we know how tempting the smell of freshly-brewed coffee is, try to avoid popping into your local Costa for a latte when you are trying to save. Rather than pick up your morning caffeine fix from the coffee shops, by popping the kettle on at home instead, you could save yourself a lot —within a very short period of time.

2) Go vintage

Rather than hitting the high streets when you’re feeling a bit bored of your wardrobe, head for your local charity shops instead. From designer shoes to statement bags, you’ll be surprised at what’s on offer at your nearest vintage store. You can pick up a lot more than clothes, too. If you’re in need of new homeware items or kitchen appliances, you can often pick these up for next to nothing. So before splashing out unnecessarily, consider all your options.

3) Browse price comparison websites

If your gas bill seems high, or the cost of your internet is a bit pricey, the best way to check if you’re paying too much is to visit online comparison sites. By keeping an eye on these and staying up-to-date with prices online, you could cut the costs of your utility bills quickly.

4) Upcycle

Have you got old furniture that you just can’t wait to get rid of? Instead of throwing it away and buying new pieces, why not upcycle it? With plenty of free DIY videos online, you’ll soon have that dressing table looking like a completely different item.

5) Take advantage of your social media platforms

Social media is not only a great tool to keep in contact with your loved ones and friends, but it is also an ideal platform for individuals to buy and sell within their local areas – which is not only hugely convenient, but it means that you can pick up quality items at a fraction of the price, or make money on bits you no longer need.

Which money-saving hacks will you be adopting? Let us know in comment section of this article.


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