7 Effective Tips for an Eco-Friendly Business


Are you trying to lower your business’s carbon footprint?

Running an eco-friendly business might not sound like an easy task, but if you really care about the environment, then it’s something you can and should make happen. There are little and big moves you can make which will drastically lower your carbon footprint, thus making your business a better and more desirable place to work.

Today, we’re going to give you 8 effective tips for making your business eco-friendly. Implement even just a few of these and you’ll feel better about the impact your company has on our environment.

  1. Allow Employees to Work Remotely

One of the most dynamic ways to lower your carbon footprint is by allowing your employees to work from home. Not only will this lower your office emissions with fewer people in the building taking up less energy and producing less waste, but it’ll also cut down on the emissions from vehicles traveling to and from the office.

  1. Eco-Friendly Packaging and Shipping

If you run a business that ships products around the country or abroad, the shipping materials can add up quickly. Integrating compostable packaging for your products will lower the amount of waste created from these materials and entice a more eco-conscious segment of the population to shop with your business.

  1. Second Hand Decor

You don’t need to deck out your office in brand new furniture to give it a certain aesthetic. Buying second-hand furniture, cabinets, and even some office supplies is easy to do and will more than likely save you money in the short and long term.

  1. No Waste Office

Being an eco-friendly business means that your employees have to embody the eco-friendly philosophy as much as you do. Create a workplace culture that avoids waste at all costs and you’ll start to see that carbon footprint reduction.

We’re talking about composting food waste, recycling all packaging that can be recycled, and reusing whatever supplies you can.

  1. Going Solar

Going solar has numerous benefits, both for the environment and for your business as a whole. Of course, the main priority is helping reduce the amount of fossil fuel energy that you use in the office, but there are money-saving benefits here too.

If you want to learn more about how much you can save on your bills with solar panels, go to blueravensolar.com/blog/how-much-do-solar-panels-save/ and get informed.

  1. Energy Efficient Upgrades

You can make big upgrades, like installing solar panels, but you can make smaller upgrades that add up as well. For instance, changing all of your office lightbulbs to LED and installing a smart thermostat can make a huge difference in the amount of energy your office uses.

  1. Forging Green Partnerships

To promote a green workplace, within the culture of your office and the perception outside of it, forge partnerships with other eco-friendly companies. Bringing about change on a grand scale comes through building communities of like-minded people and companies that place importance on caring for our planet.

Be Proud of Your Eco-Friendly Business

Starting, or transitioning to, an eco-friendly business is one of the most rewarding things you can do as a business person. Businesses of all kinds are responsible for a lot of pollution, so the more eco-conscious entrepreneurs we have, the better we can do for the planet. We’ve got a long hill to climb in terms of climate change, but with companies like yours, we can make the necessary changes moving forward.

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