How To Elevate Your Takeout And Delivery Packaging: A Guide For Restaurants


Takeout and delivery are two of the most popular ways to enjoy food. In fact, a study by NPD Group found that about one-third of all restaurant visits in the United States are now takeout or deliveries. That’s a lot of food to enjoy at home! As a restaurant owner, you’ll want to get into this or improve on what you already have. If you want to make your takeout and delivery packaging look more elevated and appealing, read on for some tips.

1) Custom Print Work To Add Elegance And Style

Custom print work is an ideal hack if you’re looking to elevate your takeout and delivery packaging. By working with a designer and printer to create custom designs for your packaging, you can ensure your branding is on point and your packaging stands out from the rest.

Plus, with custom print work, you can choose from various materials and finishes to get the look and feel you want for your restaurant. A popular and eco-friendly option many restaurants choose is paper bags. Whether you’re after something sleek and modern or something more rustic and homier, custom paper bags can help you get the perfect look for your business.

So if you’re ready to take your takeout and delivery packaging to the next level, consider custom print work. It’s an easy, eco-friendly, and effective way to get more people to know your brand.

2) Go For Eco-friendly Packaging

Speaking of eco-friendly, investing in eco-friendly packaging is another starting point to elevate your takeout or delivery packaging game. You do your part in helping the environment, and you also send a message to your customers that you’re committed to sustainability. Plus, eco-friendly packaging can be just as stylish and functional as traditional packaging—if not more so!

Some eco-friendly packaging options include compostable paper bags to reusable metal containers. You can also look into what many cafés have done. Many encourage their customers to bring their insulated water bottles or tumblers for hot or cold drinks. You can explore similar ideas for your restaurant but with food.

If you need help picking which option is suitable for your restaurant, research which materials are most widely recycled in your area. You can also talk to your customers to see if they have any preferences. Whichever route you decide to go, switching to eco-friendly packaging is sure to boost your business.

3) Add QR Codes

Many signs tell you your brand needs help with packaging and branding, but a QR code might be something your business needs. If your business has a QR code on its food packaging, it’s time to make any necessary changes. QR codes might seem insignificant to your packaging, but they’re essential and powerful components of your branding when making the right impression on customers.

So what exactly do QR codes do? A lot of things! They give customers more information about the origins of their food (where you source your ingredients or how far away the restaurant is) and access to reviews and specials for those who want them.

They also make buying and ordering faster and easier for businesses and customers by providing instant access to your menu, online store, and contact information. As such, you must ensure your QR code is always up-to-date and functioning properly. If it’s not or if you’ve never implemented one in the first place, there’s no time like the present to get started!

4) Offer Multiple Options For Delivery Packaging

Offering multiple packaging options is also an excellent way to boost your takeout and delivery game. It shows you’re willing to work with your customers to make sure they’re happy with their purchases. It also makes your business more flexible and adaptable.

For example, say you own a restaurant that offers both takeout and delivery. You can offer two different packaging options for each: a regular container for takeout orders and an insulated bag for delivery orders. This way, your customers can choose the option that matches their needs.

Not only does this make your business more customer-friendly, but it also makes you look more professional. Offering multiple packaging options is a great starting place to get ahead of your competitors.

5) Invest In High-quality Packaging Materials

A restaurant’s takeout and delivery packaging can say a lot about the food’s quality. Flimsy paper bags or old, dingy boxes can give customers the impression that the food inside isn’t worth their time or money.

On the other hand, investing in high-quality packaging can make a positive impression on customers and help increase sales. Restaurants that use sturdy, premium boxes or bags for their takeout and delivery orders are more likely to be associated with quality and value.

In addition, using attractive packaging can make customers feel good about their purchase and encourage them to return for more. High-quality takeout and delivery packaging is an investment that can pay off in both increased sales and customer satisfaction.

6) Don’t Forget To Include Stickers And Labels

Lastly, remember to include stickers and labels with your takeout and delivery packaging. These small items can be just as important as the packaging itself, enhancing your brand’s image, recognition, and reputation. You can choose from different types of stickers and labels, but no matter which ones you decide on, make sure they complement your overall design.

For example, if you’re using eco-friendly packaging materials, choose labels that are also made from sustainable materials. Or if you want to add fun or excitement to your branding, consider using wacky or playful stickers or labels.

Whatever you decide with your stickers and labels, they play a vital role in ensuring customers associate your business with quality and professionalism. So don’t just toss them in with your packaging. Put as much thought and care into these small yet impactful items as part of your brand’s packaging!

Final Thoughts

If you’re in the restaurant business and launching a new takeout or delivery service, keeping the packaging of your orders as attractive and high-quality as possible should be your top priority. These tips can help elevate the look and feel of your packaging, ensure your orders have an edge over your competitors in your area and provide customers with the quality they expect when ordering takeout or delivery from you.


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