5 Top Emerging Businesses From Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies


Cryptocurrency is not just emerging in the financial space; it is taking up the business sector. Its adaptability increases with many numbers of investors. For instance, companies with customers owning the large value of the digital asset would employ Bitcoin as a means of payment. As much as the choice responds to advanced technology, it would help retain customers and diversify payment options. More so, many startup companies keep evolving daily.

Cryptocurrency is decentralized, facing some competitive challenges with financial institutions. As a result, institutions serve as a hindrance for startup companies. However, many companies are not backing down with blockchain technology. It is generally known that small businesses often fail except with consistency. This belief is also found in the marketplace. The top leading bitcoin is no exception in this speculation, as it involves more competitive users than many other cryptocurrencies. Contrary, bitcoin has greatly thrived in blockchain companies.

This article discusses some prominent companies that have emerged with bitcoin.

1) BRD

The Fintech industry owns BRD company. The BRD is an app that allows its users to perform transactions easily and fast. It is flexible because it engages both Android and iOS users. More so, it is user-friendly, such that newbies can navigate their way by clicking the right buttons and keys.

BRD is decentralized, providing users top privacy since the app permits you to remain anonymous while performing your transactions.

2) Mythical Games

The adoption of bitcoin goes beyond industrial technology. Mythical belongs to the gaming industry, located in Sherman Oaks, Seattle, and California. The first online game that was launched in 2019, based on blockchain technology, is the Blankos. It is a platform for game enthusiasts to explore their skills and have fun creating game characters. It allows users to build digital assets. Majorly, this app builds its transaction on the bitcoin blockchain.

3) OPSkins

OPSkin’s is an e-commerce and gaming industry. It is located in Santa Monica, California. This trading platform is an open opportunity for gamers to buy, sell and trade. Gamers use virtual items like weapons, skins, emotes in building their website. They need the right selling platform to buy virtual accessories and items. Blockchain technology allows gamers to locate each other. Easily, you can find out who wants to buy or sell an item.

4) Lemonade

Lemonade is an artificial intelligence, insurance, and Fintech company located in San Francisco, NYS, and California. It provides home insurance for people at a reasonable amount. Since it is based on blockchain technology, agreements are trusted as the app serves as the witness between the parties involved. Also, the blockchain hastens the time required to pay out an insurance claim. Insurance claims delay is a problem in the physical operation, while Al provides an innovative solution to it through platforms like Lemonade.

5) Leaning Machine

Blockchain adoption has evolved into the education sector. The learning machine is for digital traceability, identity management, and credentials, and it is located in New York.

Learning machines offer benefits by allowing users to store their achievements on the blockchain technology. You can store your certificates, resume, rewards, voluntary service remarks and many other educational proofs. Many users trust its authenticity and security. The machine collaborates with MIT’s media lab to serve as a trusted storage facility for blockchain achievements. This company has more users going into its application daily.


The suggestions listed above are not a result of collaboration with any startup company but a compilation of positive feedback from users. Hopefully, you can clear your doubt about startup exchanges and admit the advancement of cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin trading has some rules around it, which vary for some countries, while others do not permit cryptocurrency trading. According to an experts survey, many of the world population would accept bitcoin as a medium of exchange or daily transactions in the next decade.

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