How can I handle my remote team? Should I try an employee monitoring software?


Managing a remote team is a delicate issue since it’s always difficult to determine whether they are giving their best effort or not. To solve this problem, one of the most efficient methods many are making use of is an employee monitoring software.

Far from being a complicated solution, the truth is that using an employee monitoring software is quite beneficial not only from the employer but also for the remote team. After all, it ensures a more fluid communication and can also improve productivity.

If you don’t know if this software can actually work, here are some reasons that will convince you.

The remote team receives effective feedback

One of the most common issues when managing a remote team is the difficulty of providing tangible examples of areas to improve when performance is poor. This is a crucial problem since nothing guarantees that the employee could perfectly do what you’re asking.

With the monitoring software you can easily get rid of these problems since it will make communication easier and will allow you to watch the exact moment when one of your employees commit a mistake.

By using this software, remote workers can now be reviewed at the time you want and can even change certain unpleasant behaviors at the moment.

Naturally, this will allow you to get rid of the uncomfortable “you remember, when you did that one [thing], at that [one] time” improvement strategy, which is not effective at all.

You can manage project timelines effectively

Before assigning tasks, you will probably have to outline a timeline for a project. This way, with employee monitoring in place, you can easily track the time the remote team is spending on a project and the activities they are carrying out and determine if they are aligning properly with the proposed timeline.

From this date, you can coach the remote team as needed in order to ensure the employees are working hard or design a new timeline if needed.

In any case, monitoring will prevent projects from delayed because of any kind of inefficiency in the field. In fact, it will also help you understanding which are the business processes that are working and which need a little tweak.

Overall, every company that makes use of the employee monitoring software will experience employee engagement and enhanced business growth.

Employment monitoring software allows workers to separate personal life from work life

Monitoring softwares also help fortify the separation of personal and work life. After all, an effective monitoring holds employees accountable from taking any other work, and even encouraged not to do so.

This is definitely a perfect situation for both parties since it will enhance productivity for your project and will also provide a healthier life for the employees.

Different studies have shown that checking work emails outside working hours lead to an unbalanced personal and work life. According to Fortune magazine, this leads to “psychological, gastrointestinal and cardiovascular problems.”

In short, instead of being a solution that will only benefit the employer, using the employee monitoring software will also end up being extremely helpful for the remote team in many ways.


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