Why Employee Uniforms Are So Important


There has been a trend in the workplace in recent years to allow employees to dress down and be a little more casual than in the past. But is this the best approach to be taking? Is there a good argument to be made for having a workplace uniform? I believe there is, there is a multitude of reasons why having a uniform can be advantageous for everyone. Here are a few of the best ones.

It Creates A Team Mentality

Having everyone pulling in the same direction is important and what will do that more than all dressing the same. It can really be the difference to help install a sense of professional pride in the workplace. It should be as part of a more overall strategy, as only if everyone feels proud to be part of the team will a uniform increase that.

Gives A Professional Impression

Even a small organization can look much more like a large business if the branding is together, and consistent. Nothing says unprofessionalism more than an untidy workforce and especially if you have workers visiting customers in their own homes, such as tradesmen, or out in the public doing work then it is important to manage the look of the workers.

Saves Employees Money On Clothes

This is a small point but it can be an incentive for staff if they don’t have to buy their own work clothes as you have provided a uniform. You can get almost the whole working outfit to cover almost everything they need, even including something as small as socks and there’s a great company, oursock.com who can do branded socks, so nothing is left out.

Free Advertising

As well as how it helps out the staff it is also fair to say that if your staff are wearing a uniform it is further reinforcing your brand image, it is more reinforcement of people seeing your brand and logo getting out there, in addition to it being on your vans, your premises, and online presence these days you need to make sure that the public is constantly seeing your branding. This process is bombardment marketing, a very long-standing process that simply says the more times someone sees your name and logo then it will start to seep into their memory. You’ll have noticed the effect on yourself when you look for a product or service you’ve never used before you will see a brand name that you think you recognize but you don’t know where from, and you go to them rather than a complete unknown.

Let’s The Customer Easily Identify Staff

If you run a store then it’s important to make sure that customers can easily identify who works there and get the help and assistance they need. Especially if it’s a specialist store, for example, if you sell hiking and climbing gear then it’s likely that the customers are the same type of people who work there and would dress pretty much identically.


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