5 Ways to Rethink Your Employee Wellness Strategy


Efficient wellness strategies can help reduce employee absenteeism and lack of enthusiasm within your company while diminishing their related expenses. If you and your company are able to create an organizational culture that promotes health and wellness, you’re more likely to set yourself up for success. Building a healthy organizational culture involves physical workspace (like ergonomic desks and natural lighting), as well as the employees’ feelings about the work environment. By prioritizing the health of your employees, they’re likely to be more efficient, enabling them to work at their full capacity. So if you’re looking for ways to promote health while increasing company productivity, here are five ways to rethink your wellness strategy.

1. Prevention

Spending money up front to prevent illnesses or injuries is almost always less expensive than spending money to cure illnesses or injuries after they occur. There are lots of factors that contribute to your staff’s health, and they’re not all taking place in the office. For instance, at-home stressors can bleed into an employee’s ability to be productive at work. It’s a company’s job to implement programs that affect their workers positively. For instance, inviting a doctor to deliver a seminar at your campus is a great way for employees to learn about common health issues. Also, consider offering rebates or incentives in your health packages. For example, to get your staff moving, offer to pay a certain amount for a new bike that they would use to commute to and from the office.

2. Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating

If your company has a cafeteria, as many organizations do, why not offer more healthy options at an affordable price. If your employees are sluggish at work or not fully hydrated, offering more fresh produce, sparkling waters, and lean meats could help increase energy and efficiency. The idea behind healthy eating is that it can help prevent diseases like diabetes and cancer. Unhealthy eating is linked to a 65% increase in loss of productivity. The bottom line is healthy eating actually equals to more productive employees.

3. Smoke-Free Environment

Smoke-Free Environment

Individuals who smoke often take numerous breaks throughout the day to light up a cigarette outside. These extra breaks can lead to a downfall in production. Plus, tobacco use is a large contributor to deaths from heart disease and cancer according to the CDC. By making your entire campus smoke-free, you’ll cut down on mid-day work breaks while encouraging smoking cessation. Of course, it’s not easy to quit smoking cold-turkey, so you could help your employees transition by starting a program to encourage your staff to quit smoking.

4. Standing Desk Options

Standing Desk Options

It has been scientifically proven that if you sit for most of the day you are 54% more likely to die of a heart attack. So why not install some standing desks for the workers who express interest? There are also cycling chairs that can help keep staff fit and in-shape. As upper management, you can also encourage stand up or walking meetings to keep staff moving throughout the day. It’s very important to encourage your team to partake in physical activity while not coming across as a drill sergeant. You really want your workers to want to make a healthier and more conscience lifestyle choice.

5. Outsource

If you’re not quite sure how to implement a new wellness strategy on your own, it might be time to outsource. Try reaching out to a professional company like Wellable, to get your business and staff on the right track. Wellable helps organizations create an experience that makes the employees want to show up for work and do a good job. The company offers a special Wellable app and customizable platform. You’ll feel well taken care of with their dedicated management team. By creating a healthy and positive culture you’ll have a much more productive staff and larger output. Setting up an employee wellness program is one small step to overhauling your employee’s health, and it’s one you won’t regret.


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