Growing Your Business By Encouraging A Healthy Workforce

Growing Your Business By Encouraging A Healthy Workforce

What defines a successful business? One could assert claims of success based on revenue or market share, but in truth, these factors are all the culmination of a critical component functioning at its best, your workforce. Without a happy, dedicated and fulfilled workforce, your company is very likely not going to see any real growth or workforce expansion. So how do you go about creating a healthy environment conducive to a super productive workforce without breaking the bank?

If the example of major companies like Google and Facebook teach us anything, it’s that it’s all in the seemingly small details. Using free step challenge apps indeed couldn’t make that much of a difference? An arcade machine that nobody uses can’t possibly add to productivity? Well, this is where we are wrong to make assumptions.

The data shows us that it is, in fact, the smaller measures that culminate in the highest returns by way of a happy and healthy workforce. This is excellent news for business owners because on the whole; the small additions are pretty inexpensive to implement.

Fitness Activities

Be careful how you go about this. No one takes well to it being implied that they need to get more exercise. Sending out a memo along the lines of we are all looking a bit portly aren’t we, how’s about a run is not likely to inspire staff morale. It must be a positive experience for everyone to have the desired effect.

The easiest way to go about this is to tie it to a worthy cause. No feelings are hurt, and no one feels picked on if you invite everyone to a charity run or cycling event. It is usually rather the opposite. People benefit from the exercise and build on relationships when ‘teaming up’ to do something with a socially responsible theme.

Charitable Activities

In keeping with charities, they need not remain exclusively in the domain of a guise for exercise. Merely actioning charitable causes is a great way to inspire your staff. It doesn’t do much good to write a large cheque. This isn’t 1950; everyone understands the principle of a shallow tax write-off.

It is far more effective to get everyone in the office involved. This creates so many growth opportunities. Combined with networking events, you are making a platform for your staff members to experience a real sense of relevance. Charity involvement has several benefits for your employees, such as building on healthy morale, all the while reflecting positively on your company as a whole.

Awareness Campaigns

The important thing is not how your company goes about promoting interoffice awareness around critical social issues. What is important is to inspire a forward-thinking and enlightened working environment. The benefits this holds are innumerable, particularly in the case of facilitating tolerance and unity amongst a diverse staff.

Let’s face it; bigotry hasn’t so much gone anywhere as it has just shuffled out of the centre stage. Regardless of the particular brand du jour of intolerance, you may have noticed amongst your employees, diffusing and dealing with it will inspire a far more professional and productive workforce.

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