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Events can be such a rush, you know? So much planning and coordination leading up to that big day, with emails flying and phone calls happening 24/7. And when showtime hits, wow – it’s easy to get caught up in the energy of it all. Connecting with your attendees face-to-face is powerful. But here’s the thing: that in-person spark, as amazing as it is, eventually dims if you don’t keep stoking that fire.

The brands who thrive after events aren’t the ones who just packed up with sore feet and called it a day. They’re those who put as much care into post-event strategies as they did all the details leading up to it. Because at the end of the day, engaged attendees turn into loyal customers. So how can you translate that initial event buzz into lasting partnerships? Read on, friend.

Understanding Post-Event Engagement

Remember the euphoric rush after your last big event wrapped? Coming off that high, it felt like possibilities were endless for connecting with attendees! Fast forward a few weeks though. If you’re like most event marketers, that rush faded without much follow through. Maybe you sent a quick feedback survey, gathered some social media metrics, checked it off the list. After all, your team needed a break before the next event grind, am I right?

But here’s the truth we often realize too late: the attendee relationship doesn’t end when the lights go down. How you engage people after an event is everything for winning hearts, minds and wallets in the long run. Recent research shows most event marketers agree post-event strategies are make-or-break. But only about half of that actually have documented plans in place. Ouch…that’s a big missed opportunity!

So where do you start? It all goes back to getting that big picture event marketing strategy right up front – what moves the revenue needle for your business? Get crystal clear on targets for customer retention, referrals, social media influence. Map engagement strategies across the full attendee lifecycle to support those KPIs. When you track interactions from initial invite to final follow-up, you gather data to refine future events while keeping current attendees hooked.

Lead Scoring: The Key to Effective Follow-Up

Imagine closing out your awesome event without any way to gauge who your VIP attendees were. Crickets. Not exactly effective for driving post-event momentum is it? I mean sure, you could carpet bomb every person on your list with generic offers. But get ready for low open and click rates, my friends. Odds are you’ll miss hot leads while annoying everyone else.

That’s why smart brands use lead scoring to tag and track attendee engagement across channels over time. Each little interaction – downloading assets, chatting in the event app, tweeting highlights – get points racking up in their profile. High scores surface hot leads to call, complimentary offers to extend, events invites to share first. It’s like unlocking a secret cheat code to wow your best advocates!

Scoring unlocks that 360 view to customize post-event nurturing. Worried it seems complex? Clubhouse makes it easy to retroactively score interactions via badges you set up in advance. Qualified.io then builds segmented lists for your CRM. Tag, track and score for follow-up fortune!

Creating Engaging Content for Post-Event Communication

We all hit delete on dry “Thanks for Attending!” emails or pointless event recap videos, right? Boring content after being wow’d in person is basically asking attendees to unsubscribe. Oof.

Instead, look back at those initial goals – what outcomes are you driving towards? Craft post event content that moves metrics while keeping conversations flowing. Think beyond one-off emails and actually map out an integrated strategy across channels.

For example, say you hosted a leadership summit focusing on agile management principles. Clip short thought leader interview segments for snackable LinkedIn posts. Or create a slide deck summarizing panel findings for folks to reference or share. How about an eBook compiling takeaways, or a podcast diving deeper?

Make it easy to consume and amplify. Share across email, social, landing pages, and ads – even physical mailers. The value for attendees is extending those aha moments while positioning your brand as an authority. It’s all about inspiration and enablement, not a boring diary of the event schedule.

Treat post-event content marketing initiatives just like campaigns pre-event. Set benchmarks, document performance trends, continually optimize. Elevating engagement lives or dies based on relevance and resonance here. Only you have the 360 data on what sparked energy at your event – translate it!

Leveraging Follow-Up Events for Continuous Engagement

Special access passes, secret circles, insider communities – there’s something magnetic about exclusivity isn’t there? Give your top event advocates VIP status keeps the fire burning.

Follow-up or “encore” events centered around popular event topics recapture energy in an intimate setting. Make them exclusive to event alumni only and you’ll ignite organic buzz.

You can also coordinate local meetups to reconnect advocates post-event, sharing insider perspectives from execs. Or go digital through private Slack channels or Facebook groups for attendees where conversations, connections and content get exchanged peer to peer.

These personalized experiences make your top performers feel valued through privileged access. They also allow your message to spread organically by empowering your alumni to become brand ambassadors. Think of it like an ongoing, insider community for elevating loyalists. Exclusivity fuels referrals, social sharing, and repeat attendance over time.

Offering Exclusive Deals to Attendees

Imagine this familiar scenario: you connected with a promising lead at your recent conference. Hit it off so well you picked up brunch before airport rides. But once you’re back grinding away call after call, keeping tabs with new BFF attendees isn’t top priority. Cue ghosting

Before you know it, their spark for your branddims without nurturing. But what if you could incentivize ongoing interactions with exclusive perks? Early access to new features, special promo codes, gifted event passes, extended trials…your hottest leads get treated like VIPs so the relationship sticks!

The beauty is delivering via personalized links and codes so your advocates feel you had them in mind. Sprinkle these invites across nurture emails, targeted ads and touchdown pages. Exclusive deals reward engagement while driving conversions long after events wrap. Don’t leave follow-up to chance. Wow your top fans instead!

Measuring the Success of Post-Event Strategies

Hate flying blind and hoping your event ROI pans out? Welcome to the club! Driving conversions from event momentum requires monitoring metrics aligned to those critical business outcomes defined early on. Tracking both immediate and downstream impact is the only way to validate and tweak approaches over time.

Watch engagement rates across post-event communications channels – email open/click rates, content consumption, social shares and amplification. Connect web traffic and nurture stream conversions back to event. And ultimately tie advocacy and spending growth from priority accounts back to your event outreach.

Platforms like G2 Track allow end-to-end visibility on activity flowing through your sales funnel – traffic sources, lead scoring trends, deal progression stages. Strengthen attribution to confidently correlate event-driven strategies with the metrics moving the needle for long term success.

When all is said and done, savvy event marketers realize the experience is a continual journey, not just a single destination. Keep that attendee spark ignited by valuing each and every stage of the lifecycle.

Cheers to engaging experiences before, during AND after!


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