Essential Kit Items Available in the UK for Your First Aid at Work


Do you want to build a First Aid kit which is easy to access in your workplace? Then you have come across the right article!

Today, we will discuss how a First Aid kit serves a crucial purpose for your workplace. Later, we will share some items you can include inside your First Aid Kit.

Benefits of Preparing a Workplace First Aid Kit

Different industries worldwide use various products, items, and supplies that can become hazards to your workplace. On top of that, several installations feature furnished structures that can cause workplace incidents. One example is slipping and falls happening inside your office.

Although accidents can occur at any time, there are also workplace situations that can endanger the life of your colleagues and co-workers. We advise preparing a kit capable of providing immediate first aid at work or in your office. Since many of us are unaware of risks and dangers that can cause health problems or threaten our well-being, having a first aid kit will be helpful.

First aid kits will play a significant role in case of workplace emergencies. Basic first-aid kits will reduce the severity of workplace accidents. A first aid kit contains some essential items that help mitigate the effects of a wound, bruise, or scratch. On top of that, you will have access to medical objects suitable to stop bleeding, bandage wounds or broken limbs, or even supply painkillers to a person in trouble.

Today, many commercial and industrial buildings take into account workplace accidents. It is why we will find medical clinics inside your office or work setting. Although we can quickly depend upon the company nurse or doctor, having a first aid kit helps you immediately deal with workplace emergencies.

A workplace incident is a life-threatening emergency that affects your colleagues’ health and well-being. It is also an event that exposes a worker or other individuals to a severe health and safety risk. Having a first aid kit on standby is helpful for instantly applying band-aid patches to minor cuts and wounds, wrapping bandages around broken limbs or medium-sized wounds, or even stitching the skin area with a profound amount.

But what will you include in your workplace first aid kit?

Items to Include in your Workplace First Aid Kit

Suppose you have seen many survival or action films. In that case, some protagonists might suddenly have a first aid kit in hand when treating some physical injuries. Fortunately, some pop-culture examples apply to real-life scenarios. Having a workplace first aid kit helps you rescue yourself or other individuals sustaining some severe injuries.

In case you want to assemble a DIY First Aid Kit, here are some items you can include:

Gauze Pads

The gauze pads for first aid kits are best for covering cuts, scrapes, and minor burns. They are also excellent for covering wounds after some cleansing. Medical gauze pads feature highly absorbent fabrics that quickly absorb fluids from the wound site. Gauze pads also help keep germs and other contaminants away from an open wound.

Adhesive Bandages (Band-Aids)

Remember the time as a kid when sustaining a small cut or wound? Your parents, guardian, teacher, sibling, or friend will apply a band-aid to your injury. It is the same scenario for adults.

Band-aids are small strips of bandages made of a unique fabric designed to stick to your skin. First-aid adhesive bandages come in small strips, which you can easily apply to minor injuries such as cuts, wounds, and bruises. After covering the damage, adhesive bandages help keep out dirt, dust, bacteria, and other contaminants that can cause more injuries.

Roller Bandages

Roller bandages are suitable for securing a wound dressing in place. Triangular bandages are applicable as arm slings. It is also used as a pad to control bleeding. You can also use triangular bandages for supporting an injury to a bone or joint or as improvised padding.

Cutting Tools

Any first aid kit should have at least one scissor, blade, or cutter with its contents. Any responding person who will use a first aid kit has to cut extra portions of bandages, adhesives, or fabrics while treating a physical injury. On top of that, these small tools can provide tremendous help during times of emergency or survival situations.

Adhesive Tape

We can secure some bandages, wound dressings, and gauze pads with the help of small clips. However, having adhesive tape will secure gauze pads and dressings more quickly than other accessories. Medical adhesive tapes differ from your office supply tape since they feature a material design that lets your skin breathe or excrete sweat. Some sticky tapes are waterproof to prevent other fluids from entering a wound.


Even if our office or workplace offers a secure setting, they still can cause harm or situations that might endanger our safety and well-being. A first aid kit will help treat workplace incident victims. On top of that, first aid kits are equipped with medical supplies that can immediately benefit any person in danger.


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