Everything To Know About Trusted Platform Module


Trusted platform modules (TPMs) are chips embedded in a desktop computer or a laptop. The purpose of a TPM has to make use of hardware with integrated cryptographic keys. Authenticates the device and helps with the identification of a user’s identity. It is installed on the device to protect it against ransomware and firmware.

A trusted platform module chip is used as a security algorithm with custom configurations and upgradable modular solutions. It can be used to combat technical challenges based on specific business requirements to boost performance and functionality.

What Is TPM Used For?

The chip protects Windows-based systems from several security concerns and malicious attacks, mainly used for digital rights management or DRM for enforcing software licenses. The module works to store encryption keys, certifications, and passwords for the protection of confidential information.

They are compatible with Windows-based systems and major technology like intelligent cards, firewalls, biometric verification, and antivirus software. They use major operating systems and are located on the motherboard of a personal computer. It is a dedicated processor with cryptography keys specific to the host system. The primary function is hardware authentication.

The Cryptographic Keys

Every chip has a Rivest-Shamir-Adleman or RSA key pair. The RSA key pair is called an endorsement key, and every chip has one. This pair is embedded in the trusted platform module chip and cannot be accessed by any software. The endorsement key or EK helps in generating an owner-specific password.

The second key included in the chip is called the Attestation Identity Key or abbreviated as AIK. The function of the key is to protect any possibility of software modification or the use of unauthorized firmware on the computer. It hashes the critical sections of the firmware and protects the operating system.

The verification process works when the system aims to connect to the network. When it is time to connect to a network, the hashes are sent to the server, and the request is verified. Network entry is only allowed if the HAST components match the ones already included in the system.

It may not protect the software from modification, but it prevents the system from connecting to networks that may have firmware. The data is secured with this algorithm which acts as a fail-safe against hackers and malware.

What Are The Uses And Advantages Of TPM?

Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11 support trusted platform modules. They combine with the security features of Microsoft to offer a high level of security for user data. Some of the applications of TPM are for mitigating dictionary attack protection, drive encryption, virtual smart cards, health attestation, and measured boot. Several benefits related to using TPMs center around device authentication, protecting the system’s integrity, and creating secure systems for the users.

  • The chip maintains platform integrity by using an algorithm that can detect new
  • modifications to past configurations, especially when unauthorized.
  • Ensures that digital media rights are protected using DRM.
  • It limits and manages the use of cryptographic keys.
  • It helps in protecting the operating system from ransomware, dictionary, firmware, and phishing attacks.
  • This can help with device authentication through the RSA key.


TPM is used for securing the hardware and preventing software modifications. It is designed to protect Windows-based systems and works to enhance the security provided by Microsoft. It allows for protection against malicious attacks with proper identification and authentication processes. It has applications such as credential guard and smart cards across different Windows versions.

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