4 Benefits of Attending Excelsior College


Going to college can be tough. Being away from home, paying out-of-reach tuition prices, and dealing with a lack of academic preparation are just a few of the many reasons why students give up on their college education. Dropping out or not trying at all are the easiest options — that is, when you’re not thinking about your professional and financial future.

At Excelsior College, however, things don’t have to be nearly as complicated. Excelsior is a regionally accredited online school that offers dozens of course options, as well as undergraduate and graduate degrees in areas with high demand on the market. Here are four reasons to keep Excelsior in mind.

Study without leaving the essentials behind

Education at Excelsior College is specifically tailored for those who deal with multiple concerns, such as full-time employees, single mothers, and academically underrepresented adults, for instance.

The institution makes learning accessible for everyone, anywhere in the world. Studying from your computer saves time and allows you to balance scholarly pursuits with your busy day-to-day commitments — without the risk of compromising any of them.

Studying is essential, but quality of life is what keeps us motivated to chase our goals. Excelsior College has helped more than 170,000 students change their lives and follow a solid career path, while also focusing on work and family.

Receive support from trained professionals

People without experience in distant learning might raise an eyebrow. How reliable is the education? What are the support resources offered? Will people be available to help me?

Rest assured knowing that you’ll be assisted by experienced advisers, instructors and counselors throughout your entire academic journey. Tech support is available 24/7 for clarifications or any concerns that may arise. From the ideal course selection to degree completion, your adviser will guide you through all the steps that will lead you to a successful accomplishment.

Additionally, Excelsior provides students with the necessary materials for research and study support with a vast online library, discussion boards, and real-time tutoring. These resources guarantee full backup by experts on your studies, so that no question goes unanswered.

Thrive in the job market

Excelsior College offers courses that contribute to proficient training and development, thus opening doors to well-paid careers.

As an example, the college has a business program certified by the International Accreditation Council for Business Education. With associate, bachelor’s and master’s degree options, students can broaden their professional alternatives and take their knowledge wherever their careers might take them.

With sharp focus on accounting, marketing, management, and employee relations, Excelsior’s business program is ideal if you want to become a marketing strategist, financial analyst, or an accountant, among other titles.

Say you’ve chosen a Bachelor of Science course of study and want to work as a luxury real estate agent in Vancouver, WA. With this degree, you’re bound to have success. California, Washington, and New York are among the best states to invest in real estate, but with a solid foundation, you can find success anywhere.

Transfer credits and pay less

Prices at Excelsior College are already reasonable, but they can be even more affordable if you use prior learning to your advantage.

Don’t take your credentials for granted. By submitting your previously earned credits from courses, certificates and training, you might be able to lower your costs and completion time. The “Tuition and Aid” section of their website gives you an estimate of the overall tuition price and course conclusion date, which is crucial to know whether you have concurrent responsibilities. You can visit the page to view all transferable credits.

People are most likely to achieve their goals when they balance their routines. At Excelsior, your personal life matters as much as your professional success.


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