7 Executive Level Jobs and Their Salaries


An executive position in a big company gives you the best chance to lead and make high-level decisions. Top executive positions are ideal for people with good leadership skills and past proven results in managerial positions. You should also have a positive professional attitude and maintain a solution-focused approach at the workplace. Due to the complexity of the top executive jobs, people working in these positions earn a huge salary.

The article below explores the top seven executive positions and their salaries.

Top Seven Executive Jobs

1. Executive Director (Average Salary: £68420 per Year)

An executive director is the highest position in an organization. The person holding the office responds to the company’s board of directors. Most executive director roles are similar to the chief executive officer. However, an executive director must get approval from the board before pursuing any project.

The major requirements to become an executive director include the following:

  • Have a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field
  • Several years of experience in managerial positions
  • Familiarity with budgeting, fundraising, and volunteer coordination
  • Strong communication skills

2. Chief Executive Officer (Average Salary: £101829per Year)

The chief executive officer is the top manager in several companies. The CEO makes decisions, manages resources, and plans operations. The duties of the CEO may vary depending on the company’s size.

The main requirements to become a chief executive officer include the following:

  • A Master’s degree in Business Management
  • Demonstrate an ability to plan and develop strategies that aim to achieve the company’s goals
  • Years of experience in a managerial position

3. Chief Marketing Officer (Average Salary: £105061 per Year)

The chief marketing officer is in charge of the company’s marketing department. The employee is responsible for marketing the brand through advertisements. Therefore, the CMO should always be updated on the latest trends and have good communication skills. A bachelor’s degree in marketing and several years of experience are the top qualifications for this job.

4. Chief Information Officer (Average Salary: £86147 per Year)

The adoption of IT in companies creates the need for a chief information officer. The CIO reports to the company’s CEO and delegates technology duties to the assistant. The CIO oversees the IT department and ensures the company is in line with changes in the technological field.

The minimum requirements of a CIO include the following:

  • Proficient knowledge of the latest technology
  • Knowledge of establishing IT services framework
  • Master’s or bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology

5. Chief Operating Officer (Average Salary: £107665 per Year)

The COO oversees all daily operations and ensures the company runs efficiently. The COO is responsible for designing plans and policies that meet the company’s vision and goals. A bachelor’s degree in any business-related field and several years of experience are the minimum qualifications for this position.

6. Chief Financial Officer (Average Salary: £110126 per Year)

A qualified chief financial officer must run the company’s finance department. The CFO’s main role is to make financial plans for the company. In addition, the CFO should predict future losses or profits to determine the best ways to spend money.

The requirements of a CFO include a bachelor’s degree in finance, economics, or accounting. A master’s degree plus certification as a public accountant is an added advantage.

7. Director (Average Salary: £108871 per Year)

Most company directors are usually third in the hierarchy from the CEO. The director is responsible for overseeing daily operations in a certain department. Directors need to have a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field.

Hiring Top Executive Employees in Your Company

The top managerial positions in your company require highly qualified personnel. Getting the right people in this position will help you advance your company. Therefore, it is important to conduct serious recruitment when employing someone for the position.

Several recruiting companies in the U.K can help you identify the potential persons for the above positions. These companies reduce your workload by selecting the most qualified persons. Learn more about Eagle Headunters and their importance in the recruitment process.

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