What is Facebook Remarketing and How to Use It for Your Business


Are you familiar with the bread and butter of any marketer? If no, you definitely should read this article. Facebook remarketing is the act of running adverts, that is targeted at past visitors of your site or page. It essentially follows any of your leads around the internet and posts offers that are related to them and your business. This is a great way for businesses to target those leads that have shown some interest in their site and then push offers out to them, to hopefully get them to go through with a purchase.

What is Facebook Remarketing and How Does it Work?

Remarketing works by someone who visits your website and then becomes tagged or cookies. They then have a code placed on the page visited, which then triggers an advert to follow that user around the internet. This explains why we often see adverts for things we have previously looked at online because they’re using remarketing to target us.

The Facebook remarketing campaign is very similar to Google Ads remarketing but instead displays the adverts on Facebook. It’s the same thing as remarketing where if someone visits your site/page and interacts with it, then they are tagged into a code that tracks them. Then from this, an ad can pop up whilst on Facebook and remind them of what they’re missing. This can give the lead a gentle push to go ahead and make the purchase, by sending a gentle reminder, through the power of a Facebook ad.

So essentially, the Facebook remarketing campaign is when visiting a site or page, the site is then tagged to that user and knows to display related ads to them on Facebook. It’s a great way to push any potential leads and make sure they don’t forget about your business.

Different Types of Facebook Remarketing Campaign

With Facebook Remarketing Campaign, there are a few different ways it’s used;

Customer List

This is one of the most powerful tools that Facebook has to offer and it’s the ability to use personalised adverts, to a list of contacts that you have acquired in the past. It’s similar to email marketing where you can target someone directly, with a personalised messaged. This also means that you can use different adverts to target them, depending on where they are in the sale funnel.

Website Traffic

Another Facebook remarketing campaign is the use of website traffic, to then send out ads to people who have visited your site or page. When visiting a Facebook page, it then places a pixel on the pages you’ve visited and you can then set specific audiences, based on the pages visited. To break this down to a simpler term, it’s like a site selling exercise and gym wear and wants your Facebook ads to target people that are searching for a similar thing. You can then set up an audience and this then shows ads to just those people that have visited any pages with the words ‘gym wear’ for example.

App Usage and Activity

The final type of Facebook remarketing campaign is app activity and usage. If you have an app, there are many ways to show relevant ads to the right people, based on user behavior. It’s similar to website traffic, but instead on an app. You may have noticed when using an app before and you’ve left something in your basket, you will often receive a notification to offer you a discount, which then makes you want to go back and proceed with the purchase.

Why You Should Use Facebook Remarketing

There’re endless opportunities when it comes to using Facebook remarketing campaign and the potential leads and sales you can achieve from it. If you’re halfway to a sale with a potential lead, the use of a Facebook remarketing campaign can help to give them that extra push and make them go through with it. Facebook’s active monthly users are larger than China’s population and there are 22 billion ad clicks, every year. This alone just proves the power of Facebook remarketing ads, which get a 3 times larger engagement than a regular Facebook ad does.

If you’re a business that wants to find a way to reach out better to potential leads and people that are interested in your site and products, then the Facebook remarketing campaign is the perfect solution for you.

How to Get Started with Facebook Remarketing

It’s quite simple to get started and set up with a Facebook remarketing campaign, but it also depends on which one you’re wanting to use. There are straightforward guides and tutorials available online to follow the simple steps, and get yourself set up to use Facebook remarketing campaign. Then, in no time, you’ll be reaching out to leads with ads and hopefully start to see an increase in site visitors, activity, and sales.

The Power of Facebook Remarketing

With so many users on Facebook now, this method of the Facebook remarketing campaign is a no-brainer when it comes to reaching out to those potential leads. The method uses ways to target those that show interest and activity in your site and business, and therefore pushes out the ads, to remind them of it. Very often we look at a site and its products but don’t always go through with the purchase. However, the use of Facebook remarketing pushes those sales through and gets the user to think twice about their visit and the products they sell.

Facebook is a very powerful tool and social media platform to use, especially for businesses. With the use of Facebook remarketing, this can reach out to those that show interest in your site or the products you sell and essentially, help to get your name out there and push any potential sales. It also allows you to offer unique and more personalised ads, to target those users even more. So, therefore, this stands out a lot more than the regular and typical ad you might see pop up.

It’s a great tool and method to use to push those sales and increase activity and traffic to your site, so either way, you gain something from it.


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