Factors to Consider When Seeking the Best Payment Platform


Nowadays, it is widely accepted that online payment modes have become the typical norm for businesses to succeed worldwide. It helps them retain existing clientele while attracting new ones consistently by providing an ergonomic and secure way to pay for various products and services digitally.

Invariably, more companies are now scouting for the top PaaS platforms of 2022 to ensure they scale higher faster than their competitors, staying several steps ahead in all market conditions. They look for better security protocols, excellent integration, and other crucial features that determine how successful the platform can be for their business.

You can also scout for the most suitable one for your business needs by considering the following factors when sifting through the options.

Cards and currency support

Statistics show that people abandon carts at the last minute for various reasons worldwide. While some hope to find better deals, especially when booking travel deals, others leave because they do not find convenient payment options. That’s why selecting a platform that incorporates a wide array of card options is crucial, allowing buyers to pay via the card they prefer.

Similarly, finding a gateway that can accept and easily handle finds in different currencies is essential, especially if you plan to expand globally. A key factor to check when accepting foreign currency payments online is the additional fee, security, and other fundamental requirements.

Holding period

It is indeed true that almost all payments that are approved are processed without any delay. However, some gateways hold the funds from the transaction for several days (or other specified periods) before transferring them into your account. While many business owners are okay with this delay, some may find it inconvenient, especially if they need to initiate refunds.

So, if you wish to have the money settled into your account immediately, look for a service provider to make this possible. Note that this might cost you a bit extra than usual.

Recurring billing

Companies that operate on a subscription basis must invest in sophisticated gateways that can securely store customer data for future automated renewals. Depending on the specific information, it enables them to charge continuation fees and other dues on their credit or debit cards. Also, it helps if the gateway can initiate the process based on preset schedules without any manual intervention.

If you fail to keep these key things in mind, you may need to take these steps and renew subscriptions for each customer manually. Naturally, this will be a tedious, time-consuming process that can quickly take a toll on you.

Mobile optimisation and integration ease

Undeniably, the top PaaS platforms of 2022 ensure the software runs just as smoothly on mobiles and other wireless devices as several folks prefer to shop on the move. So, pick a service provider that enables you to accept smartphone payments within seconds, ensuring carts are not abandoned anymore.

Also, remember that reliable companies will provide ergonomic merchant dashboards that allow you to monitor transactions in real time while also accessing customer support is necessary. These are excellent for e-commerce industries, online retailers, and other digital-based businesses.

Finally, choose a platform that enables quick and easy integration with your current systems, preventing you from beginning everything from scratch. A cloud-based API integration should do the trick without any hassles.


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