4 Fall Home Makeover Tips


Decorating your home for each different season helps ensure you don’t get overly tired of your home decor — plus, it’s fun. The changes you make this fall can be subtle or sweeping. You could, for example, be content with hanging a festive wreath on the front door and adding some seasonal décor to match the colors outdoors — or you may be ready total home makeover.

Here are four tips to help you reinvent your home this fall in big or small ways:

Grand Home Makeover Ideas

Add an outdoor kitchen and get new area rugs for bold changes.

Rethink Your Kitchen

Many families love outdoor cooking. Today, outdoor kitchen cooking has become trendy in the United States.

While it’s always fun to try out margarita recipes and nibble on some snacks with your friends at your kitchen table at home, it’s even better when you can do this outdoors when the weather is beautiful.

Renovating a patio area with outdoor kitchen cabinets, countertops, a barbecue grill, a smoker, a refrigerator, food storage space, lighting, a sink, a table and chairs, and other functional features is awesome for entertaining people.

Not only will your alfresco dining give you a chance to enjoy delicious grilled food with good friends on a gorgeous day, but there are also many other practical benefits to having an outdoor kitchen–for example, an outdoor kitchen will also increase the value of your home, save on your utility bills, and keep all your cooking smells out of the house.

Lay New Rugs

An area rug can make a huge difference. It can set the mood and influence how people perceive the rest of your home.

Imagine how a living room rug with a lush texture and deep colors like golden yellow, brown, terracotta, or burgundy will change that room. Oriental and Persian carpets work well with fall colors.

You may like the idea so much that you replace all the rugs in your home with brighter colors and bolder textures.

Modest Home Makeover Ideas

Add some seasonal decor and make yourself more comfortable.

Seasonal Decor Ideas

You can make your home feel different without renovation. All you have to do is get new drapes, add new cushions, and select new blankets.

There are many ways to refresh the look of your drapes.

  • You could change the fabrics: choosing more luxurious ones, like washed velvet, chenille or raw silk.
  • You could change the trims or adornments, experimenting with fringing, tassels, tiebacks, and cording.

Add warmth to your bed, or sofa, or love seat with plump cushions in a variety of colors, shapes, and textures. You could also add a few large wool or flannel cushions in front of your fireplace.

Make Yourself Comfortable

There are many small changes you can make to make your home feel cozy. While not significant in themselves, they all add up to create a subtle impression of warmth and comfort.

Here are a few suggestions on how to make your kitchen, living room and dining room feel warmer and friendlier.

  • Freshen up your kitchen table with a vase full of flowers that remind people it is fall. For example, fill a vase with chrysanthemums.
  • Make your living room more comfortable by tossing a throw blanket on the couch, so couch surfers can watch TV or chat while embraced in a soft, fuzzy blanket with warm Autumn colors.
  • Drape the back of your reading armchair with a wool or cashmere throws.
  • Change the blanket on your bed to more autumnal hues.
  • Create ambiance in your dining room by adding a center décor with colored leaves and pine cones.

Try one or more of these ideas. Making big or small change will make you feel wonderful about your home this fall. You can visit Globo Surf for more home makeover ideas and tips.

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