7 Tips for Finding the Right Office Space in NYC


If you want your employees to work in the best possible environment, finding the optimal office space is important. However, that’s not always a simple thing to do. In order to help out, we’ve prepared 7 tips for finding the right office space in NYC.

Convenience is Important

Finding the right office space in NYC is not just a matter of money or availability. It is also important for your office to be in a good location. Now, obviously, this does mean that you want it to be in a good part of town where you can access helpful shops, eateries, and similar. However, even more, important is its location in relation to where your employees live. This is particularly important if you are moving your office instead of finding one for a brand new business. Your employees may even have moved in order to be closer to your old office before. This means that if you move your office far away on purpose you would be making it a whole lot harder for them to commute. You can insist on having a minimalistic office or rent a smaller one to save money, but never compromise on location.

Know How Much Space you Require

Of course, trying to cut costs by renting a smaller office is not at all ideal. The best thing for your business would be to find and rent an office perfectly sized for your needs. What goes into qualifying an office as such, then? Well, you need to have enough room to properly space out desks or work cubicles. To put in all the equipment your business requires. To store all supplies and documents which you might accrue during operation, and a little extra storage space in case you need it. If an office can fulfill all these requirements, then you can go ahead and rent it knowing that you are making the right choice. Of course, the experts are associated with the bestmovers.nyc also notes you’ll need more space than you think when first moving in due to how messy and chaotic the process of moving an entire office is.

Keep an Eye on the Future

One of the useful tips for finding the right office space in NYC is to plan ahead for the future if you are thinking about expanding. What does this mean, exactly, in concrete terms? Well, if you are forced to look for an office before expanding and then follow through with it, and the office is perfect for your pre-expansion needs, then there’s a good chance that it will be too small afterward. This will effectively force you to move offices twice in a relatively short span of time. This would not only be physically and mentally exhausting since you’d need to actually find offices, research them, and negotiate, but it would also be pretty bad if you’ve signed a longer-term lease. So, as you learn more about running a business and prepare for expansion, rent out an office that is just a little too big for you.

Consider Subleasing

Naturally, renting a bigger office would result in wasting space. Which in turn, means you are wasting the money you are paying for it. Thankfully, there is a pretty decent solution to that! All you need to do is sublease the parts of the office you are not using. Alternatively, if you own your previous office space or have a long-term lease signed but want to move to a new office post-expansion anyway, then you can just sublease the entire thing instead. This is also an important option to keep in mind if you are considering trying to run a company with removed workers. In this case, finding the right office space in NYC might come down to finding an office that is properly partitioned to allow easy subletting.

Be Patient

It is very unlikely that finding the right office space in NYC will be a fast process. There is a lot of legwork and research to do before you’ll be ready to sign a lease. So, do not be in a rush to rent an office. This is especially the case if you take into account the property and rent prices in NYC. With how expensive everything is, rushing into things can mean renting an overpriced office that is horrible for your needs too. This is definitely not something you want to see, since you are then facing the choice between putting in even more work as well as wasting money and just putting up with subpar conditions. Either way, you would be losing out.

Work with An Agent

With NYC prices, it might be tempting to skip hiring a real estate agent and just do everything yourself. You’ll have to vet and check out the offices yourself anyway, right? Well, if you try, you will quickly find out why people rely on professionals anyway. A realtor has their own contacts and intimate knowledge of the local housing market. This means that they can help you find the best possible deals and properties. Some of which might not even be on the open market. This means that you would have absolutely no chance of coming across them on your own!

Make Sure your Landlord is Agreeable

Your landlord is someone you will have to closely cooperate with for as long as you are renting the space. This means that if they are unpleasant, you will have to put up with a lot of problems on a regular basis. They could even get in the way of you doing business. Or try to force your hand into canceling the lease if they decide they don’t like you or want to rent the space to someone for more money. So, when finding the right office space in NYC, vet the landlords as much as you would the space itself!

Final Comment

With our 7 tips for finding the right office space in NYC, you will be able to find an office that suits your needs! Just remember to take your time with your decision, and you will do well.


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