Fire Safety at Work – Kitchen Space


Fire safety at work is the responsibility of all workers and they need to work together in order to keep their workspace safe and secure.

The employers’ responsibility is to come up with a fire safety plan and to train the employees in their duties in case of a fire. However, it is the workers’ responsibility to take care on a day to day basis and to ensure that the working environment remains safe and free of fire hazards.

Fire safety experts at Red Truck Fire & Safety Co. suggest that kitchens or other cooking areas in the office are one of the most overlooked, and very likely sources of kitchen fires. Here’s what they suggest you could and should be doing to keep your work kitchen safe.

Have Proper Fire Safety Equipment

This requirement stands for every part of your office, but it can prove critical for kitchens especially. Kitchen fires tend to start small, but can quickly escalate and cause a lot of damage.

Having a functioning smoke detector and a fire extinguisher suited for a kitchen environment can go a long way to really make your kitchen a lot safer place.

Watch Food and Drinks as They Are Made

The office is primarily a work environment, meaning that your primary focus is certainly your work. However, if you are cooking something, or making coffee, make sure that you stick around while the food is being prepared.

This way, you can catch the problem in its initial stages and prevent it from escalating. What’s more, you will ensure that your food doesn’t burn and you are left without a meal.

Take Care of Appliance Cords

Kitchen appliance cords are made to be durable and to withstand a lot of different environments and temperatures.

However, they are not indestructible and after a while, they might fray and become damaged. Needless to say, this is a fire hazard, as exposed wires and water are not a great combination.

Replacing the existing cords is an inexpensive way to prolong the life of your appliances. Just make sure that you employ certified commercial electricians to do the job for you.

Clean Your Appliances

No matter if you have a full stove or just a toaster or a microwave, chances are that there will be some food spillage over time.

It can be annoying in itself, but over time, if not cleaned, it can actually be a fire hazard, especially in toasters and on stoves.

Make sure to remind people to clean the spillage as soon as it occurs. If they don’t, food remains will pile up until they become an actual fire hazard and cause some serious problems.

Teach People to Use Fire Extinguishers

Having fire extinguishers in your office is important and you are legally obligated to. However, having them in the office serves very little purpose if there is nobody in the office who can use them.

Fire extinguisher training is fairly simple and it doesn’t take too long, but it does make a lot of difference in the case of emergency.

Keep the Kitchen Area Clean and Tidy

Even if an accident happens and a fire occurs, a quick reaction from you and your coworkers can prevent any serious damage.

However, your job will be a lot more difficult if the kitchen is very cluttered. The problem can be exacerbated if there is a lot of combustible material lying around, like paper towels, kitchen cloths, and similar things.

Keeping your kitchen tidy is not only a much nicer thing to look at, but it can also be very useful in protecting you from fires, so don’t neglect it.

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