Five Ways Event Video Production can Benefit Your Business


Event video production boosts engagement and provides shareable content long after the event has finished. Far from just a substitute for those guests who couldn’t attend, filming your corporate event can tell a story, be used as evergreen content long after it’s finished, and, best of all, is exactly what your audience wants – after all, virtual events have increased in popularity by 35% since 2020. Need more convincing? Read on to discover five ways event video production can benefit your business.

Five Ways Event Video Production can Benefit Your Business                                          1

Number one: High levels of engagement, even after the event                                        3

Number two: Your event video production footage tells a story                                        4

Number three: Presence and personality                                                                        6

Number four: Reuse and recycle the content                                                                  7

Number five: Sets you apart from the competition                                                          8

Final Thoughts                                                                                                             9

Nowadays it’s almost impossible to host an event without making some sort of impact online.
Why not use this opportunity to your advantage by making sure your next event has video footage?

After all, videos are more accessible than ever, and the public are choosing this form of communication over others. In fact, your audience is twice as likely to share a piece of video content with their friend than any other format.

It’s for that reason that reels, stories & TikTok are outperforming all other forms of media; the viewership figures of online videos doubled in the past two years alone, and that momentum doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down any time soon.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If that’s true, a video is surely worth a million.

But why should you consider event video production specifically?

The answer to that question is lengthy, but we’ve divided it into five parts: five ways event video production can benefit your business.

Let’s begin!

Number one: High levels of engagement, even after the event

By having a camera crew at your event you are declaring that it has a high level of importance. Your event is worthy of sharing.

That adds gravitas because those in attendance feel like they’re at an exclusive event, while those watching at home recognize its importance.

In short, by filming your event, you are likely to boost its engagement.

No longer is it an hour’s activity forgotten about forever, only remembered by distant social media promotion.

Instead, the engagement has the potential to run on indefinitely.

And haven’t we all enjoyed one of those ‘I was there’ moments at some time or another in our lives?

That live recording of an album – I was there.

That television drama filmed in your town or village – I was there.

That speaking event that went viral on LinkedIn – I was there.

After the event, people who log in to their social media and spot themselves in the footage are highly likely to share footage of that event, spreading the engagement beyond your organization.

All at the touch and tap of a smartphone or laptop.

In marketing terms, video delivers a high level of ROI, and even just having video on your webpage can boost search engine ranking.

Number two: Your event video production footage tells a story

Humans are natural storytellers.

Ever since we started drawing on cave walls, warning of danger or highlighting fruitful hunting grounds, we have enjoyed passing on information as stories.

In our modern world, we’ve ditched the cave paintings for video footage. The story of your event can be anything you like, but it’s one that you have complete control of – unlike other forms of media in which comments and current events also play a part in the narrative.

That high level of control allows you to craft the best possible version of your story, helping you to adjust how you appear to your audience. After all, Bill Shakespeare told us that all the world’s a stage.

An added benefit of publishing footage of your event, featuring real people, is that it provides your brand with an automatic sense of authenticity and endorsement.

Video gives you a unique opportunity to blend real life with a showcase of  your company at its best, helping to educate and inform both customers and the general public about your brand.

Even fun work events can be used. After all, they’re great at adding a human touch to your company image, either with generic background footage or with vox pops gathered from the crowd.

Depending on the type of event, you can also use it to emphasise your expertise and standing within your industry by showcasing training or informational presentations given by your experts.

We might have moved past cave paintings, but the stories we tell remain important.

Number three: Presence and personality

Video lends a feeling of immediacy that is hard to replicate in other forms of media. That’s why fictional television shows are more popular than fictionalised radio shows.

Even with heavy editing, live event footage helps your company come across at its most genuine, something that can be hugely advantageous when used in future promotional videos or on your company’s website.

Think about how approachable you will look if there’s video footage featuring smiling happy faces at a work event.

That being said, the events don’t need to be glamorous.

Trade shows, exhibitions, conferences, and open days work just as well as the fancy awards ceremonies or upscale company events.

The important thing is that the event is filmed in a way that paints it in a positive light, making it feel like something your viewer will want to be a part of.

A bonus piece of advice is that the general public loves to receive glimpses of behind the scenes action.

Make them feel like a VIP by showing them areas that other guests can’t access. For example, if you’re planning on shooting fireworks from the top of your office building, you could capture footage of setting up the fireworks, complete with views that nobody else gets to see.

As obvious as it sounds, video can give your brand a tangible presence. By showing faces and everyday movements you are reminding your viewers and customers that you are, in actual fact, human and not just a faceless corporation.

Number four: Reuse and recycle the content

In the age of Covid, companies came to realize the power of video. They also came to rely on it in a time when face-to-face wasn’t possible.

The trend of companies hosting virtual events hasn’t gone away. It’s not going to anytime soon either, especially when you consider that audiences are still keen to tune in.

In fact, according to Vimeo, virtual events have increased in popularity by 35% since 2020.

As well as the full (albeit edited) video of the event featured on your website and social media channels for posterity, the footage doesn’t stop being useful there.

It can then be reworked and used as a showcase of past or previous events or cut up and edited to be used as more generic footage in promotional media, such as web page content or filler footage.

In the business, we call that footage ‘evergreen’ because it can be used again and again. It can be used to accompany news and information about your business for years to come, either by yourselves or by an external organization in need of assets to accompany copy.

Number five: Sets you apart from the competition

There’s no way around it: video looks good.

Really good.

(Especially when it’s done professionally, by Broadcast Revolution.)

And nowadays it is almost an expectation from the public that not only will your company have an active online presence, but some even consider video an essential part of the customers’ expectations and engagement.

Sectors that don’t have any direct or obvious link to video production (book publishing, for example) have utilized video in imaginative ways: behind the scenes, Q&A panels, talks hosted by industry experts,  exclusive teaser content etc, and have helped to connect them with their customers, setting them ahead of their competitors.

With a bit of creative thinking, you too can use video to expand your brand presence. By investing in a skilled videographer and some expert editing skills, you can create something better than being there in person.

As with any form of media creation, you get out what you put in. A full crew with the latest technology will capture better material than someone on a handheld mobile phone.

By all means, use social media to capture lo-fi videos to feature on stories and to create in-the-moment buzz on the night, but when it comes to creating content that will last and showcase your brand in its best possible -professional- light: let the experts do what they do best.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of your industry and business model, you will always have something to gain from event video production footage, especially live events where real people interact with your brand.

About the author:

Phil Caplin is the founder of Broadcast Revolution – a specialist broadcast PR agency providing a fresh and creative way to deliver quality coverage for brands. Services include event filming and live streaming, talent sourcing, media relations, video and podcast production, media training, and much more.

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